Tuesday, July 24, 2012

CardMaker Video!

Good morning! Thanks for all your comments yesterday, it is so fun to share the excitement for the Silhouette! More Cameo cutting goodness and tips, coming soon!
Today I would like to turn your attention to the latest issue of CardMaker magazine (September 2012) I do not believe I have any projects in this one, but his morning I was treated to A VIDEO on their homepage (<--click that link to the left to watch), featuring my friend and editor Tanya Fox! Isn't she lovely? So fun to get a sneak peek inside this issue as well as look at all the fantastic changes they have made to the magazine!

Watch and listen to the video above carefully and you'll see some peeks and mentions of others on our Gina K designs team, as well as a featured article with their Designer Spotlight of the month, Carolyn King! (That stinker, she didn't tell me! hee! You can definitely trust Carolyn to keep your secrets, ha!)
Anyway, the layout, photography, formatting, and tip boxes are similar to the layout of my A Year of Flowers book, and I just think every issue and book Annie's Attic is coming out with just keeps getting more and more beautiful! Way to go go, CardMaker! So fresh, informative, and gorgeous to look at, something you want to page through again and again or study/enjoy while getting a pedicure! ;) (Click logo below to view their catalog of products)

I will try to get some more stuff scheduled for you to read over the next few days, right now I am just focused on swim! Jonathan will be swimming at the State meet on Friday morning, I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Please send up some prayers we are all healthy and he has the swim of his life!

Hugs, more later, have a terrific day!


  1. ohmygosh...you silly! I have to post about this too but I am waiting to get my issue first. Ha! Thanks for the shout out, you goof!

  2. Thanks for the link to the video. I
    "need" to buy it the next time I'm out. :)All those great projects and tips waiting to be tried.

  3. Love the basket additions as well as the cauldron. I am planning to get them.


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