Sunday, July 15, 2012

Scallops and Photos

Hello! Happy Sunday! Here is the last card I shared at the release party with my new Pretty Patterns set. Cardstock is from the new Gina K Pure Luxury Calypso collection (plus layering weight White), and inks are Memento Teal Zeal, Morocco, and Pistachio. Love the contrast of these colors! So fun to create rows and layers of these scallops inn different inks, what an easy way to work in a color challenge! Butterflies from A Beautiful Life are stamped onto Carnival Blue and then shaded with BG49 Copic. Greeting is from Theresa's Mountain Wilderness.

I also wanted to point out how varying the distance between the scallops when you stamp changes the look: in my card they are nested pretty closely together, but as you can see in Gina's sample above and video, you can put about 1/8" to 1/4" between each row, which will create a white space similar to the width in the patterns of each of the individual scallops. And that looks fabulous, too! The Clearly Gina K stamps make it simple to stack them however you wish!
Last thing today, I wanted to share this cool new free online service, Foto Fuze! (Does this picture look different?!) You can upload any photo to the site that you've taken on a white or black ground, then highlight the image and the shadow with your mouse, and like you magic, it erases the background and adds this bright white background for a really professional look! So I tried this one this morning, a photo I had already taken. (It would have turned out better if I had used a white sheet behind rather than the two pieces of white paper, it works better without a seam, this messes up the shadow slightly as you an see on the right. But how I love how brilliantly white it looks and how the card stands out! I'll be using an 11" x 14" piece of paper for a curved edge behind from now on because I don't have a white sheet.) Just wanted to let you know because it makes editing your photos really easy, no light box necessary. There is even a video before you do your first upload that shows you more pointers for how to use it, although it very simple without, and in it how even a light box photo can be improved. Please enjoy!

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  1. I LOVE all these!!! Great colors!

  2. Wonderful and inspiring is your work with these sets. My company is gone, so hopefully, there will be more time to play with that set. Thanks so much for designing it.

  3. Melanie, love your scallops card and the colors. Great job!

  4. Both are bright bold and beautiful Melanie, and that first card is my fav.

  5. Beautiful colors on white. Love the use of scallops in both cards.


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