Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Stuff on Cameo Cut Files!

A few more things to note about the Silhouette cut files coming to the Gina K Designs Store! :)

I've been working really hard on these files with your stamping and projects in mind, wanting you to get the most bang for your buck (and in this case, even less than a buck, 99 cents!) With some instructions and practice, if you have a Silhouette you can create a cut file to match images you own by scanning and editing them, but I will tell you even with practice, some sets especially those with a lot of hand drawn detail, can be very time consuming, and require a lot of erasing and tweaking to get the outline just right. So if you are very comfortable with your Silhouette, or have a lot of time on your hands to make these on your own and test them out, you absolutely can, no need to purchase new files. They can take anywhere form 15 minutes (with a lot of practice and simpler set with very few images) to a couple hours per set, most being closer to the latter time...my sets have a LOT of images!!

I have finished cut files for almost 30 sets so far. Woot! I have both cut AND mask files ready for a few that are very recent or most popular, but still working on catching up on the masks. The files with the 1/8" border are the priority to get in the store. I know Gina plans to add them all gradually to the store. I believe the priority there will be most recent sets and sets that are seasonal that you'll most likely want to purchase now as we work our way back through our catalog.

You are welcome to put in a request for a set you need file for! My goal is to have them for every set I've released! The exciting thing is, having the ability to have perfect cuts around images can make an older set seem completely new and open up lots of new possibilities! Fun to bring new life and inspiration to well loved sets of the past!

You can see from yesterday's photos I have created some cuts for sentiments! Many sets will include these when the set, font, size and greeting lend themselves to that. Some of these sentiments or single words look really cool cut out! Cuts for teeny tiny words will most likely not be included in the file, and there will NOT be cuts for words on the mask files (as words will be difficult to read cut exactly to fit, know what I mean?)

In some sets I have added a shape that will work well with the sentiments in the set, like a large oval or circle, plus one a little larger for a mat for layering. While they are not designed to fit any stamp images in the set, these will be like some fun new tags for you, planned to work nicely with the style of the set! Hope you love the convenience of that!

Some images will include more than one cut to go with it, so you'll have options! For instance, something like a frame or label, looks nice with just a cut around the outside, as well as with cutting on the inside for a window and a more detailed look. When stamping I want to be able to do both, so I want YOU to have both,too. One the same file, enjoy!

You are welcome to put in a request for a set you need file for, my goal is to have them for every set I've released! The really exciting thing is, having the ability to have perfect cuts around images can make an older set seem completely new and open up lots of new possibilities! Fun to bring new life and inspiration to well loved sets of the past, especially those that might have required a lot more fussy cutting to really shine and have lots of dimension! I know I'll be playing and posting with some oldies but goodies!

Some of you have asked here and other places about svg files. My response to that is, "What is an svg file?" No, but seriously, I *know* they're for other machines, but I don't know whether we will be able to do that with the Cameo software we have, my understanding is that the Studio files only work for the Cameo. This is all very new to me and the first cutter I have owned. Certainly it would benefit ALL of us to have everyone be able to purchase files to use with ANY cutter, so if and when that is possible, I know Gina will keep everyone in the loop as she always does. I'm my crossing fingers!

I hope this helps you have a better understanding of what to expect once the files are available. You may wish to just send the file straight to the Cameo and have a cut for every image, but often I think you'll find you just need one or several of one or two images at a time. There are many different ways to go about using the file once you have it to be as efficient as possible about making your cuts, planning your cardstock and images so you don't using more cardstock than you'll need, etc, so I plan to show screen captures and describe what is working for me, which I think will be very helpful and make the process easier and more enjoyable (as if watching your own personal professional cutter do all the hard work while you fix yourself a snack wasn't fun enough!) LOL! :)

Finally, I can't wait to see what you'll create! The Silhouette Cameo is THE coolest crafting purchase I have ever made, can't believe I have something that can do SO much of my very own. I also know it will take my designs to another level because of the precision in cutting and the time it will save, allowing me to work on things I wouldn't have attempted before because of the time factor. If you love making cards, using stamps and having gorgeous cut pieces, frames, embellishments and images, you'll definitely want to put this at the top of your crafting wishlist. (Men like it, too, it sounds like R2D2 when it cuts and it's a sleek looking "tool") ;)

Happy cutting!


  1. That's great Melanie, can't wait for the files. You sure right, it takes a lot of time to make your own! I'd rather pay the 99 cents:-)

  2. Agreed!! I have made my own files quite a while ago for my most used ones of your stamps but as you say they are time consuming for the most detailed ones and definitely would LOVE to have them all made for me for 99 cents. Yay!!

  3. I cannot wait!! I may have to ask for an advance on my Christmas gift. This will be an amazing addition! Thank you so much for working so hard on our behalf. You are such a blessing!

  4. The Cameo is a few months away for me - I am building a craftroom and must wait for room (dining room is bursting at the seams, LOL), but you're doing an amazing amount of work here and I know all Cameo users will appreciate it. {heart} you Melanie.

  5. Hi Mel

    So excited about the cut files, I do not have a cameo, but an older silhouette and the files Gina has given us as freebies work great, I also ordered and received the new blade from Gina, that works great too, you just have to update the Silhouette programme, seems the only difference between the Cameo and the older Silhouette is the mat size, but I may be wrong, but so far I have been able to follow and cut along with both Gina's videos no problem and can't wait to spend some pennies on your new files, it would be great tho if in the future you could do a simple tutorial on how to create cut files, pretty please :-)

  6. Now THAT is some exciting news! I am not super computer savvy, so a tutorial on how to create those cut files would be a HUGE help! It may take a while for other stamp companies to catch up with this idea!

  7. I have had my Cameo for about six months and it is, as you say, THE COOLEST tool. I absolutely love it and I am very excited to learn you will doing files from your stamp sets Melanie! That will be the second coolest thing in my crafting arsenal!!

  8. Your cards are adorable and your coloring is beautiful but I really love the Silhouette cuts! It's on my list.:)

  9. I just purchased a Cameo from Gina so I'm super excited you're making these files!



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