Sunday, September 30, 2012

Getting Ready for Halloween

Here is my Halloween sample I shared at the party, using Beyond Baskets (wash tub) and spookies from Basket Additions 3.  I used Copics C-1, 3 and 5 and to add streaks to the tub to make it look galvanized, plus some Lionet Gold Copic for brass stripes, and then crimped some Pure Luxury Silver Lining cardstock to make a make a matching mat.  Doesn't that look so sharp with the Black Onyx?
TIP: When using a paper crimper, load your paper and look at the SIDE of the cardstock (not the top edge) to see that the edge of the cardstock is parallel to the sides of the crimper, then gently squeeze to hold the paper in place and check to make sure the sides are still running parallel. If not, loosen your grip and adjust. Then crank the paper through.  Your crimping should be straight!
Something I like about this handle, you can stamp it facing up or down to look like it hanging down the side or the tub is hanging from a hook.  With the clear stamps, you can stamp the handle right over the image, I didn't bother to mask, just colored, and then underlines it with C-5 to crate a shadow.  You can also cut the handle out with the Silhouette cut file.  Another cool thing, because of this image's flexibility you can literally pull it out or in to make the handle taller or wider if desired.  This wire handle with the wooden grip can can also be added to the baskets in Spring Basket or Holiday Basket.

I've had some people write and ask where to find certain samples from previous posts. Anytime you are looking for a project that uses a certain set or you want inspiration of certain stamps, simply look in my labels section on my right hand side bar.  All sets and tops care listed alphabetically and who the number of posts it has been featured in out to the side.  Just click and scan through them all at once.  Sometime I need to use them as well to remind myself what I've already posted!  Hope this helps!

one last thign, are you getting my dfeed? my stats show I am getting way fewer views than readers, and i just want to be sure you are receving updates. Also, I heard form one person, thye are just getting the title and not my fullf eed ofr short feed.  I will check on that, but I have not made any changes, so not sure what is up.  Until then, please click through to sread the while opost if you are only getting the title. Thanks for your help!

Happy Sunday, hope you are having a great weekend!  Gina K Designs Inspiration hops tomorrow at 8 AM!  I still need to stamp something new!  Nothing like the last minute!


  1. Love this design and the crimping really makes it pop! Getting your feed via email so no problem here :)

  2. I so admire that work of art. And, I have yet to put ink to my set of those fabulous new containers like the galvanized tub, wood tub, basket and the awesome wagon. Too busy now with other things. But, I did get your feed, but instead of a title it is just a 1. and blank. I thought it a bit strange.

  3. Hi Melanie,
    I am just getting a title and nothing else until I go directly to your post.
    Come to think of it, I don't know if I had been receiving all your posts. I will go back and check. Thanks

    Love this card. You are so talented .
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Mine has Hands, Head and Heart in the subject space. I am not familiar with the crimper but I like the look that you got. I love your stamp sets.


  5. thanks for the crimping tutorial. I needed that! :)

  6. Love this Melanie! I especially like the pink card <3

  7. Your site always makes me smile!


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