Sunday, October 21, 2012

Inspriation from Janice Whiting

Hello!  Have some absolutely gorgeous cards I have been meaning to share using Stately Flowers 4, designed by my lovely and talented friend Janice Whiting! These cards were so different in some ways than any other card I'd seen with the set, and I just felll in love with them!

This first one I really like how she used a KRAFT mat behind the flowers.  Tone on tone with the card base, I think that looks super sharp!  Gorgeous coloring, too!
This next card, I adore the colors she chose. It is such a god reminder ot me to think outside the box when selecting colors for flowers or butterflies: I'd never seen a butterfly like this, but do I want to now?  Absolutely! So don't be afraid of coloring or coming up with combos that perhaps don't appear in the natural world to species.  The blue and purple just took my breath away, and I also like and arrangement of images (the butterflies, by the way, ARE from Stately Flowers 4 but this violet is from Stately Flowers 1)
Finally, I love the botanical collagey feel of this last card, like opening a botanist's sketch book that a real butterfly just lit on!  Bravo, Janice!  Love how she trimmed out the God bless, too, such a nice detail!

What is your favorite among this bunch? (or rather,  which one are you CASEing first?) :)

Be sure to check out Janice's blog where she has another sample with Stately Flowers 4 and leave her some love, as well as her wonderful StampTV gallery.  Thanks for wokring your magic with ym lowers this month, Janice, and amany apolgies fo the delay in posting!

Hugs to you all!   Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, and blessed Sunday!


  1. absolutely amazing. I think I'm CASEing all of them real soon!! :)

  2. Love them all but my favorite is the one in the middle.

  3. Wow, these are all so beautiful. She did a wonderful job with your Stately FLowers.

  4. As a botanist/biologist, I would love to just scoop these up and snuggle with them. The second one is my delight but I love them all! Great work, Janice!

  5. Those are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs and smiles

  6. Such lovely cards. Love your coloring of the images and the use of the blank space makes the images pop.


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