Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Beginning to look a (Tiny* Bit) Like..."

This card uses the tub from Beyond Baskets and the Christmas topper from Basket Additions.  
I often cut off the liner from this topper after stamping to make it more casual and it's perfect for this red pail. Instead of the handle or rope stamp, another fun addition to these containers is to make a wrap or handle by adding bakers twine, hemp or ribbon. I tied each end in a little knot and just attached each side to cut out with Mono Multi. Cardstock is Pure Luxury Ocean Mist, Fresh Asparagus, Red Hot and White.  Embossing is Grace's Frame by Cuttlebug.

So, Christmas!  There's a lovely bit of chill in the air for the first time this season, and instead of stamping today for WCMD (because I did a BUNCH this week!) I've been enjoying looking ahead a little to Christmas and bought a couple "just the right things" that were on sale online for friends, field a recipe to try for Christmas morning and printed out a gift list.  I have been doing a lot of FLYLady the past month and am also working on putting together my Control Journal.  Even without the printed lists the past few weeks, doing the missions and getting my house de-cluttered feels great. The place looks better than it has in a long time and I don't feel overwhelmed with all that needs to get done and what is undone.   I will share more about this soon, as often as I can. She shares a lot more than just how to organize your home and your life, but how to de-clutter your thinking and get rid of all the guilt and misconceptions that goes along with it! I strongly recommend checking out her site and giving it a try.   A great gift to yourself, family and home: let the organized person figure it all out for you!

Okay, more later, some gorgeous flowers coming up (my stamps, but not my designs, wait til you see!)


  1. Adorable Mel and I love the twine "candy cane" handle! *HUGS*

  2. What a wonderful card. Christmas is the theme from now on for me. I got a few CAS cards done today, but maybe in a couple weeks I can get busy and do more technical ones. I so love that tub and cool idea using the twine as handles. Have a good night now.

  3. This is such a pretty card. The red and white twine is a great addition; one that I probably would not have thought of

  4. I am ready to investigate FLYLady and Control Journal after reading your post. My mind, my home, my space is very, very cluttered! Thank you for the lead.


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