Friday, October 12, 2012

Sneak peeks...!


Hello!  Sorry I haven been posting this week, what a crazy few days! (I mean, cah-razy!!) Anyway, I spied Gina is posting sneak peeks for our release next Thursday, and stamping for it, that is next on my list!  Yep, it's time for the 5th installment of my Stately Flowers series!  Do you know what states these sneak peek flowers represent and any guesses what else might be in the set?

Check Gina's Blog for a peek at Tami Mayberry's newest set as well, and the sneak peeks will continue the next several days! Awesome stamps and cut files this release, (plus some stuff I did not even *know* about until this morning), so excited!

Be back to share a little about some new exciting publications out on the newsstands, my copies are already getting worn out from paging through enjoying the inspiration!


  1. Yeah, it's Oklahoma's turn!!!!! I've been waiting & waiting & waiting!!! ;) ;) ;)

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  3. Looks like Oklahoma's mistletoe. I'm guessing the other flower shown is a sunflower, but I don't know which state, since I've already got the goldenrod for Kansas in set 2. I'm guessing since there's a Christmas message there's also a poinsettia - but I don't know what state that would be (or maybe the mistletoe takes care of Christmas. Whatever the flowers are, it will be another great set.

  4. At some point we'll see Michigan. Whether it's this time or not???

  5. Oklahoma misletoe and Kansas sunflower! My next quess will be Maryland black eye susan , but then any of them will be awesome!


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