Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gina K Color Companion Buttons

Good morning!  Today I wanted to show some of the buttons I picked out from the Bowl of Cherries button assortment, which coordinates, of course, with the Gina K Cherry Red ink pad and cardstock, as well as blending with our other red and pink inks and cardstocks!  

I was so excited when my packs arrived to see all the beautiful variety in color shapes and sizes ans well as the beautiful dyed to match!  As you can see, some have glitter, and many look very different on the front from the back, matte vs. shiny, flat vs. bumpy, giving you even more options which look you are going for.  Even some for threading your ribbons!  I also really like that you can find oval or square buttons (or even a heart or a flower?) when you rally want to repeat that shape form other parts of your design.  

Stay tuned for a peek of another gorgeous colored assortment.


  1. What a lovely assortment and I love the button that would allow a ribbon to be threaded through. I can see that being a real asset. I did not purchase any this time around. Do you have any idea as to how many buttons are in a pack? Someone else asked me and since I did not buy any, I could not help them with that answer.

  2. Those are some incredible buttons. Thanks for showing them to us like that Melanie...now they are on the top of my must have list.

  3. That is a very nice assortment of buttons with all those shapes and shades.

  4. My guess would be at least 50-80 depending on different sizes, but that is a guess, I didn't count, just dumped them into jars of each color I already had from when Gina carried colored buttons before, but these photos show only buttons from the new assortments but not all that are shown, know what I mean?) I'll check with Gina!


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