Friday, December 20, 2013

Really Good Gift #2

The Corksicle.  Paul bought this for me (us) last Christmas as a little gift and we have really enjoyed it.  I decided to put this on my Really Good Gift list because the people we have had over when we were using The Corksicle  or have gifted it to Freaked. Out. when they saw it, thought it was so cool and clever.  It's a stopper, and a chiller, and an *icicle*.  What value! :)  So, for the oenophiles in our life, they will love you for The Corksicle. 

By the way, we haven't been drinking wine the last few weeks.  (I don't mean never will again, but probably very rare nice meals or just a glass when we go out to dinner)  I don't miss it and am sleeping GREAT.  Fun to think about what we can do with the money we save.  I have a vacation, more pedicures, and sponsor a child on my list (not in that order, of course)

When you purchase through the link above on Amazon, StampTV gets a small portion of the sale as an affiliate.  So this is the best price around AND helps Gina K keep StampTV a free site for our fans and friends, bonus!  (Sorry I didn't post this before the get it by 12/24 date.  Boo!  You can also pick them up at target, etc but when I went they had colored stoppers, not real corks like this one.  Which you actually might prefer.    Or not.)

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  1. Oh my goodness, that corksickle is perfect for a friend of mine. I had never seen this before. Thanks for the link!


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