Friday, May 16, 2014

Video: CAS Patternmaking and Making it Work

Hello!  A simple Father's Day card today for your dad! One color ink, 2 colors cardstock and two stamp sets are all you need.  But there's a little more here than meets the eye...

I also wanted to share a few tips in case you misplace a letter.*  Just keeping it real, it happens!  (first, check the bottoms of your embellishments jars, that is often the concealer in my case)  Many of the lowercase letters in Lots of Letters work double duty for another one, clear stamps make this really easy to modify with your markers or pads.  Simply lay the letter over the edge or corner of the pad so they part you want to omit its not touching, you will see the letter you want appear when pressed into the ink.  Be sure you start with a very clean dry stamp first so you don't have any extra ink on the parts you want to omit when you stamp.  Markers allow you to have a little more precision if that is difficult for you or even allow you to omit the inside (and make an e into a c, don't try that with a pad) ;)

Below has some suggestion for letters that can be made when you omit part of one of the letters following the "=".  For example:

a=  d, b, g (which are the same as p and q)
n= m, h
i= j, !
l=k or 1
o= a, b,d
n= m, h
r= n, m, h
u=n (inverted)
v= w, y
w= v (stamped twice)

 That's a lot of letters! :) (pardon the pun)

Any you see that I missed?  There are a couple others, too, that would also work for the ones I have already listed (if you have also misplaced the substitutes!**)  but these are the best matches.

Have a great weekend!

*I realize some of you are very organized and never lose anything. This is for those of you to share with a friend who isn't, and for those of you who *often* do!

**  Sorry, friend, that means it really is time to just clean your desk.


  1. Thank you Melanie,
    Not only is this card lovely and striking with the monotone colors, but I appreciate the letter tricks, too!

  2. Love the tricks you showed with the letters. My husband was watching over my shoulder and was impressed! Thanks.


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