Monday, May 19, 2014

You've Got the Stuff

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a good weekend!

A quick post to encourage all of you to enter the StampTVguest designer challenge for June!  There are only two challenges you need to do, and the first one is ending this Sunday!  
Here is the thread to read about the challenge.   
Winners will receive the stamp sets for our next release before anyone else
and I know you are going to LOVE what I have for you next month!  
"A Must Have" for your stamp collection!

I wanna see, like, 700 entries, one for each of you, okay? :) 
You have the time, and the talent.  I know it!  Rock it out!!!


  1. I don't feel adequate on my blog yet to try to do something like that. I am sure it is fun to do though. I see so many things one has to do on each posting in the challenges and I am at a loss on how to go about it. So for now I will not try for it. But you are right, there are so many talented people on StampTV who would be wonderful!

  2. How can I resist an offer like that? Lol... Seven hundred entries would be amazing! Hope you are well! I am hoping to participate!


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