Friday, September 4, 2015

How to Stamp Images in a Circle

Hello! I got several comments and emails about how I did my bee card in our hop yesterday. First, thanks for all the wonderful feedback and inquiring. Second, it is easy to do, and this video, one of the first I recorded actually, from over a year ago, shows you how. I used a butterfly from my Stately Flowers 8 set, but this method works with pretty much any stamp, especially with a symmetrical one, like a butterfly or the kit's bee.  So please watch and enjoy!  Basic instructions are: cut your mat or base first. then stamp opposite middles (or corners) on each side and then opposite corners (or middles.)  Fills in very evenly and neatly this way, for a total of 8 images.  An overlap with wings works nicely!  I'm glad I have two examples now so you can see how the doily design works if you are stamping bold stamps, or coloring if you want to use some line art images.  You can create a wreath of flowers in the same way, and if line art petals overlap, it would be absolutely gorgeous to color those intersecting parts in between in a different shade!  I may just have to make another to show you with the line art flower in the Autumn Wishes kit. Please enjoy!

In a few weeks I will be up to almost 100 videos!  (and almost 4000 subscribers) We should celebrate or something! prizes!  let me see what I have...

Also, there was a LOT of interest at the party in a video on taking and editing photos.  I'm not the best, but i have a LOT of experience in this area!  So I know exactly how I can put one together that I think will be very helpful,whether its staging or editing tips. A little knowledge goes a long way! Look for that shortly!

If you have missed any videos, here is a link for every video  (unless it was tagged incorrectly) using my stamps on StampTV!  130 of them, count 'em! Most are mine, but Gina did them for a long time before we started adding my videos to the channel whenever I released a new set. So if there any you have missed, I hope you will check out some from the past.  I try not to repeat techniques*, other than coloring, where I am showing the same basic principle, but show different images and shades. Please enjoy!

*Sometimes I will repeat, if it is just super perfect with a certain stamp set or has a new twist. ;)


  1. Thank you for showing how you created such a beautiful card.

  2. Thanks for showing us this video again, I can't wait for the editorial on picture taking

  3. Is there nothing you can't do?!! So pretty!!!


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