Monday, December 31, 2007

Dance Like No One's Watching...

This is a photo I took of my son Jonathan at age 4 outside The Magic House in St. Louis. They had this amazing sculpture in the garden and in a rare moment Jonathan cooperated beautifully for one of my artsy "concept" shots by joining hands with the children and throwing a leg up in the air. I think it really brought them to life, I was so excited to get it! I love photography, but I've never taken any classes, just me and my digital, having fun...
I have it above my desk, and it always makes me smile, for many reasons :)


  1. This picture is incredible.

    What a memory to look up at while stamping!

    Happy New Year, girl!

  2. What a keepsake of this special moment! Thanks for sharing, Melanie. You are inspriring!

  3. that picture is 2 die for - what a great memory!


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