Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Left Thumb*

THUMB UPDATE: Thank you, thank you for all the emails, prayers and recommendations for my hand!!! I have seen some improvement in the past couple days and am learning through trial and error what I can and can't do, as well as what will really trigger more pain and numbness, or even put me "back to square one"(forgetting to rest and pressing the lid closed on a Tupperware container, whoa, who'd a thought!!), but I did make two projects yesterday and I hope to complete two more today! Every once in awhile I accidentally knock it against something that really makes the pain fresh again, but I really am trying to avoid using my thumb as much as possible.

The main focus has been how to do the simplest things with my other hand, I know I posted a couple years ago that if I ever lost the function of my hands, I was so passionate about illustrating I would have to learn to draw with my feet, but I see now there would be a LOT of other more basic and pressing things to relearn first (making your kids sandwiches, brushing teeth, putting on mascara (poked my eyeball with the wand) etc, etc! lol!) I read a book on suffering the week BEFORE this all happened though (I'll tell you more about it later) and how God uses it for our good as well as to allow us to help others, and He really used it to prepare me for this with my hand, that man's suffering and pain and the good that came out of it really put my little ol' hand issue into perspective! And I have a new appreciation for all of you who deal with arthritis, carpal tunnel, chronic pain or other issues on a daily basis that make crafting difficult and craft anyway, those creations are truly labors of love. I will pray for you and I would so appreciate your continued prayers, thank you!!

Next up, tonight I'll have that recommendation for the meal planning service I mentioned, it has truly changed my life in so many ways and I think it could change some of yours, too! :)

* not trying to confuse things, it IS my RIGHT Thumb that is injured, but it's a nod to one my favorite films "My Left Foot" (breakout performance for Daniel Day Lewis, run to rent this beautiful film if you have not seen and grab hankies on the way) the true story of artist Christy Brown who because of cerebral palsy only has the use of his left foot for writing and painting


  1. Melanie, I will keep you in my prayers hoping for a speedy recovery for you.

  2. Oh Melanie! That's terrible! I hope you recover soon.

    Your "suffering book" caught my attention -- I'm a big believer in making yourself available for God's purpose. I read this call for help on Heidi Swap's blog and it made me think that perhaps you'll end up having tips to share -- or it would be a subject for discussion.

    Here's her posting:

    Please feel better soon. You're in my prayers!

    {{{hugs}}} Susanna


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