Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shoot, I forgot again! (Tie Dye Challenge winner)

I am so sorry I forgot to post a winner for my tie dye challenge, I got so wrapped up in getting ready for our previews last weekend! Oops!! :( Anyway, if you thought there weren't any entries or didn't post because you didn't want to "be the first", I actually (and unintentionally!) used a slightly different Mr. Linky widget so it doesn't display the entries, although you can see them when you click on it (and there were some), sorry if that threw anyone off!

The winner is Theresa Pollack, so adorable what she did with that little bear, the sign cracked me up! Thank you all for playing! Please send em you addy theresa and I will send you some little goodies! :)

Tips sheet for "Gifts from the Sea" coming up next, I have a few publication deadlines I am trying to prepare projects for , so I probably better not post any more challenges for awhile until i get my hand and more new projects under control!!

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