Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sweet Bees

Good morning!! If you read my tip sheet post for the "A Beautiful Life" set very carefully, today I am sharing the "bee clock" I mentioned! (Do you read all the tips??) Anyway, here it is in my master bath!
Similar to the clock I shared made with my Festive Frame set, it uses an unfinished wooden panel and a 3/4" clock kit, both of which I bought at Hobby Lobby, but this time I wanted to show how you could adapt the rectangular frame stamp to a square base. After painting the base with a Willow Green craft paint (and the outer edges with black) I layered my stamped frame (colored with Copics in cool, muted tones to match my bath decor) onto square offset panels of Black Onyx and White Pure Luxury punched out with the Martha Stewart Lattice punch.
In each of these pics you can see one of the bees in a different position! I am really enjoying peeking over at it each day while I do my makeup and see him lazily circling around the flowers on the second hand (tick tick tick!)! After cutting out my stamped bees, I popped the lower one up on a pop dot, this one stays fixed (embellished with another one of my favorite crystal flourishes!) while the other is attached with a glue dot to the end of the second hand.

You can hang the clock from the bracket on the back, lean it in a corner, or prop it up with an inexpensive stand like this black one, also from Hobby Lobby. The only thing I would do differently about this clock if i had to do it over again would be to cut out the back layers behind the clock face where the hole is drilled through(so you would still see all the different layers but the back ones y would be cut out with a large square in the middle, KWIM?), because adding 4 layers this time of Pure Luxury instead of just one to the panel really increased the thickness (that's Pure Luxury, baby! LOL!) made it difficult to get all the parts on, to make it work I just removed the washer from the back so my hands would still fit on. Whew!

Although I forgot to take a picture with it staged this way, these oval frames could also be rotated on their side for wider, horizontal clock face instead of vertical like I have here, a different look and all you have to do is turn the clock and reset the time! :) Hope you enjoyed this project, this clocks are so fun to make, and a great way to personalize your space, incorporating your stamping craft into your decor. Make a wonderful, inexpensive gift, too (material less than $8)
Have a beautiful day!

* PS there may be a teeny, tiny clue about my upcoming set in one of these pictures... ;)


  1. Your bee clock is absolutely amazing, Melanie! I love the soothing colors - so spa-like! The punched borders really make the frame pop! Such a creative project - TFS!

  2. Very cute. I love the bee on the second had. That would be such a conversation piece.

  3. I'm not sure which I like better your Master bath nook or the clock! LOL simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. BEEEEEEutiful clock!!! A hint huh??? Hmmmmm... let me look over the scene again.

  5. Love this clock Melanie... I am going to have to check out Hobby Lobby, what a great gift this would be :o) Beautiful design!

  6. Very nice clock....but I LOVE the nook. Oh to have a master bath like that one! Our master bath is so tiny you can hardly turn around in it.

  7. BEEEautiful clock - we NEED a Hobby Lobby here! Could not find the teeny tiny hint - still looking though! Love the MB nook!


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