Friday, January 7, 2011

Color Challenge and New Stamps are now Available!

Good morning! New stamps are available, check them out here! Tip sheet for "Where Your Heart Is" coming soon, today I have short tutorial using the set.

Time for another Color Spotlight Challenge! Be sure to upload you creation to STV with the tag STVCS7 for a chance to win free stamps!

Here is a sample I made for my little boy, he draws pictures for me all the time, so I made him a simple card to show him how special his creations are to me! Of course, this "pictures" sentiment could also be talking about photos, that was intentional, so family members can convey their appreciation for things given or mailed. The way the sentiment is arranged, you can also add "letters" or "prayers" in place of pictures. TIP: Stamp the sentence first, then add the single word on a grid line block, lining up the line under your stamp with the your on your already stamped greeting and then stamp.

The turquoise base is sponged at the bottom with coordinating ink and the Sweet Mango is sponged as well to give them a little glow. I sponged tumbled glass distressing ink below the hands and wild honey ink above, then stamped the hands again so I could color and cut them out to go over the sponging. With the orange ink on top, it looks like the light is coming from above, so here is a simple tutorial to show you how to color the hands when your "light source" in on top. I'm not bothering to stay in the lines today, since I'm cutting them out, keep that in mind! :)

First color, the bottom of the hands, underside of fingers at top and thumbs with the lightest flesh tone you will be using, I used E00, as my hands are pretty pale!! Leave the very top sides white.

Now go in and color the underside of the hands, thumbs with a darker flesh tone, here E21. Also lightly trace, the creases on the insides and undersides of fingers. Stop here for a more dramatic look. Go to the next step for a more blended look.

To blend the darker shadows, go back over these areas with E00 again to soften the edges of the darker marker. That's it! You can do this! :)

I will do more tutorials to show how to give the hands more dimension, how to have the light source coming from different areas and show other colors to use for the hands. I will be making cards for Operation Write Home with this set and they will need hands of all colors. Check back tomorrow for a special post about Operation Write Home! :)

Have a great weekend, thanks for joining us at the party last night if you missed it, the thread is still up you can go check out what you missed!


  1. YAYYY thank you for the skin tutorial!! I always have such a time with this. LOVE your card!! LOVE your set!!

  2. Great tutorial on coloring the hands! The color combo on the card is really pretty! TFS!

  3. Thanks so much for this tutorial Melanie! Knowing this set is on it's was in the mail I think I'll go get those copic colours (I have very pale skin too and so does my son). I don't own any copics yet but this seems like a good place to start!

  4. Thanks for the great tutorial, Melanie! I have a hard time coloring skin so this is very helpful. Love this new set. I need to go place my GKD order and this will be on it! Gorgeous card with the color challenge colors.

  5. I love this card, and how you've used the Color Spotlight, Melanie! Your tutorial is fabulous! Thanks!!

  6. very cool - thanks for the instructions.
    Sandra ltb

  7. Thank you sooo much for making this set that is perfect for OWHers. And the tutorial is lovely too. Here is why I make cards (also posted on our S&S blog):
    I make cards to honor them,
    For all the work they do,
    For sacrifices from families,
    And service to me and you.
    I make cards to help them connect,
    To families far away,
    To strengthen bonds with loved ones,
    Until they come home some day!
    Just one of my heroes is an Army medic who served in A'stan a few years back and is currently serving at Fort Drum near here. He is an honorable, special man who I am proud to call a friend. He does not try to draw attention to himself and puts his troops needs ahead of his own...a true hero!

  8. Very pretty! THanks for the tutorial! Love it.

  9. Awesome color combo. You make coloring look so easy. Need to go buy my copics at Jerry's with my groupon.


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