Saturday, January 29, 2011

More on Chris Medina! Good stuff!

Being the "inquiring mind' that I am, I googled "Chris Medina" to see if I could find out more about Julie's condition and more songs Chris has recorded. Here is one more video I found that has both (recorded on what should have been their wedding day). If you have not yet read my post from Thursday, scroll down and read and watch that video first for context!


I also found that their wedding is on hold because of the incredible medical expenses they've incurred and continue to have for her recovery. Here is a link to Juliana's Recovery Fund through the Laurus Foundation if you feel moved to contribute, you can easily make a payment through the widget on the site, any amount would help.

I am so excited to see more of them! I know his time on the show will be really hard for them to be separated and her mother will need lots of prayers to manage what she normally has Chris's help for in Juliana's day to day care, but I am hoping for miracles for the three of them in many ways!

PS Can't wait to start downloading his songs off itunes. I went to download "Breakeven" last night but prefer Chris's soulful acapella rendition so much more, so I CAN wait, maybe he'll sing this or get permission to do one of his original songs on the Idol Stage, they are making lots of changes this season so perhaps allowing new songs will be one of them!

PPS Nicole commented on how amazing Steven Tyler was showering love on her after that audition, I completely agree. It revealed what a HUGE heart he has. Thumbs up adding him to the show!


  1. Melanie,
    Not being an American Idol follower, I was totally lost on this post, but then I scrolled down and watched the original video and well - what a compelling story. It brought tears to my eyes. Chris has such a wonderful voice!!! Hope all of his dreams are fulfilled. Keep us posted.

  2. I totally agree. I hope that Chris does well on American Idol. In these times, it is nice to see someone actually take what marriage vows mean and fulfill without the marriage license. Tells us alot about this young man. I will be routing for him.

  3. Thanks, Melanie for the info on Chris and Juliana. I have given a donation her story is so touching. We watch AI so we saw the Steven Tyler moment and I was bawling like a baby!

  4. If the last one didn't make me cry like a baby, this one did. I didn't see the episode, but I'd heard about the heart-wrenching story. What an awesome guy to be taking care of his beloved. I'll be watching to see how far he goes on AI.

  5. i saw it..and cried
    Praying for them both...loved seeing her holding his number and trying to wave it when they came just never know what a day will bring...

  6. Thanks for keeping us posted Melanie! I don't watch American Idol and keep forgetting to watch for it. I sure hope this wonderful man can fulfill his dream:) His voice is amazing and his love for his fiance is heartwarming!!! Good to see there are still unselfish people in this world:)

  7. Thank you for sharing this Melanie!
    What an amazing young man! We all have to believe in the power of Love and have Faith in the Lord that He will bring healing to this young Woman. I think we need to also pray for strength and courage for Chris and her Mom. Because it will be the Miracles of the Spirit working thru their love that will bring her back!


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