Sunday, January 9, 2011

Here's what I'd like to do...

Here is a card I shared at the release party, a fun vintage look complete with an adhesive pearl bracelet (hee!) and some Basic Grey Curio Paper, sponged with Vivid Coffee Bean on the top and right side to match the dark printed border on the other edges. I used the little label and greeting from the Free with Three "Smile" set, I like how the Label Eight shaped image looks on just one side of the Labels One Die cut. I hope this cards give you lots of ideas for different ways the hands can be cropped other than just the rectangle to incorporate into your different layouts!

Well, my heart is just full to overflowing after reading all your comments on this blog and "Stars and Stamps" yesterday! Wow! You can be sure I will create more sets for special causes that are so dear to so many. :)

It makes me want to do more and I've discussed with Sandy, president of Operation Write Home, what OWH needs MOST right now (since they also need money to ship the cards), but she immediately replied their greatest need is CARDS, they estimate they need DOUBLE the amount they did last year to meet their current needs. So I would like to personally send them ONE card for every "Where Your Heart Is" set that sells this month! I think I can do it, I have a ton of cards around here (and as you know, am always making more!) Reading about their great need, and how much it means to these people, I can't think of a better thing to do with them. And if YOU buy the set, I'm wondering, if you might be interested in also sending a card to OWH? (Or maybe a couple to make up for those who can't.) The OWH site has lots of helpful info about how to prepare your cards, and who to send them to, plus a very informative and fun video showign you how they process them, check it out!

(And, umm, if we sell a BAZILLION sets and I really can't meet that all on my own, I may have to come ask YOU for some help!! Are you with me??) :)

Tomorrow we have a sketch spotlight challenge and later in the day we'll be announcing the winners of the blog candy on my blog and "Stars and Stripes", don't forget to leave your comment if you haven't already here:

See you soon, thanks for visiting!
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  1. I come from a family who has fought for the freedoms of our country for many years. My Grandfather was in WWI
    my dad in WW2, and many of my classmates and friends fought in VietNam. My husband was in the Navy but never deployed. Two of my daughters were in the USAF and my son was in the Army and served in Iraq. Many of friends have children and grandchildren serving in the military.
    I just attended a funeral for a friend's son who was killed in Afghanistan the end of Nov. Our servicemen and women are giving their lives to fight for our freedom, we need to let them know that we appreicate them and think about them.
    This set is a beautiful way to do that. I want the members of my 4-H club to realize that men and women are serving in the military and fighting for our freedom and it is not something to be taken for granted, so throughout the year we make cards and send them to our servicemen.

  2. This is such a great set! I hope to win it!
    I do make some cards for OWH but not often enough. This has een a really strange year for me, so hopefully I'll get back into normalicy soon!

  3. I'm with you Mel! It's so worth the time.

  4. I love your idea of a card for each set. The military holds a special place in my heart. Thanks for all that you do for OWH. Your card is stunning. I love the pearl bracelet.

  5. What a FAB idea, Mel! I too have TONS of cards at my studio. I would LOVE to send some to OWH! I will check out how to do that!

  6. Mel,I have done that last year with OWH with my pile of cards I made in 2009 but I live in HK. It seems stupid to order the crafting things from US online and then shipped the finished products back to OWH. Sandy has been very nice and she acknowledged my parcel in no time!! It is a cause well worth the money to ship back to US. I am with you!!

  7. It's wonderful to learn about OWH through your postings. I think your new stamp set will touch many lives. Though I don't know of anyone in the military, I have read so much about wars and it must be hard for families to be apart. Where I live, we do so little to appreciate the men and women in service. Maybe one day we will.

  8. The vintage style card is gorgeous. I would love to help with making cards for OWH. What a great effort!


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