Monday, January 31, 2011

Don't Text and Drive

Did you see last night's "Extreme Home Makeover Edition"? Here is a clip of the family they selected, this news footage I found online was shot back in 2009:

If you have an opportunity to watch the "Extreme" episode, you'll learn that the Browns have taken that truck and shared their story weekly since the accident with thousands of people in hopes that they'll save lives. In addition to building them a new home, "Extreme Home" is helping them take their campaign "Remember Alex Brown" nationwide. A message not just for teens, but really anyone with a cell phone and a car...

I had to share this today to ask that you NEVER text while driving again. I know I won't.


  1. Great article. We have a motor vehicle law now in our province in Canada that prohibits hand-held cellphone use and texting while driving. However,there have been a couple of accidents lately involving teenager drivers that were proven to be caused by texting. They still don't get it even with a law!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this, Melanie! I don't watch a whole lot of tv and would have completely missed this if not for you. Their story is so very tragic but they have turned their tragedy into a wonderful opportunity to save lives and keep sorrow from coming into other families! I was so blessed by their story -- thanks again!

  3. I don't know of anyone who drives that doesn't see eratic behavior by vehicles and then looks at the driver of these vehicles and sees that they are either talking or texting while driving. The creations of cell phones were wonderful (I personally don't know how we lived before them), but like everything else we must be discipled when using them. They do not mix with driving. Such a sad story. Hope this message hits home to everyone. TFS it.

  4. what a tragic story! i am one who has been guilty in the past of trying to multi-task in the car and it's only by the grace of God that nothing ever happened. Now, if I'm not sitting at a red light, I don't touch do it. I don't even like to try and answer it if I'm driving. I have a Droid Smartphone and it's hard to make a call on those when I'm NOT moving - darn near impossible if I am. No more for me. Until I hook up a Bluetooth earpiece for it.

  5. Thank goodness it is illegal in my Province in Canada as well. Unfortunately you still see people "sneaking" their texting and phone calls, which is actually making it more dangerous. I wish people would just smarten up. We don't even need a law to make us stop texting and driving, it's common sense and people need to abide!

  6. Thanks for the reminder. Scary. Yesterday I saw two ladies texting while driving on HWY183. So dangerous!

  7. I just happened on your Blog! What a great article. I posted it on my facebook! I think it is a great reminder to all of us. Not just our children. Don't text & Drive!
    Thanks for putting that our there.


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