Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stay Warm! (with a simple meal)

I made this for the first time a few days ago, have been enjoying small bowls to he leftovers since, especially on a cooooooooooold day like today! I can't call this one low-fat with the brick of Velveeta!) but it is very simple and tastes great, warms you up from the inside out! Nice kick but not too spicy for the kids! Bet you have most of this at home right now, or if not can improvise, hope so if there is too much snow outside your door to get to the store! Hugs to all of you buried under some really extreme weather right now! (it's freezing here but no snow!)

Maria's Chicken Chili
(as given to me by my mom from a friend, neither of whom are named Maria!)

1 rotisserie style baked chicken, cut up into small pieces
1 can Rotel original
1 jar red pasta sauce
1 can black beans
1 can chili with beans
1 brick of Velveeta
1 bag frozen corn

Put all ingredients in a pot and add 2 cups water. Heat, stir, serve!! (with chips tortillas etc) makes a good dip or would be nice a bubblin' in the crock pot, maybe for Super Bowl?

Back in just a bit with a card from one of my guest designers!!


  1. Sounds YUMMY Mel. Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Thanks for the recipe - we're up in the Texas panhandle and this is the perfect recipe for this type of weather! Then a little "stamping" - love your work/stamps/cards!

  3. Sounds totally delish! Going to have to give this one a try next time the grandkids are over on a cold, wintery day! Thanks! ~chris


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