Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chris Medina Update

Well. I have not quite yet processed the information but Chris Medina did NOT make it to the top 24 on America Idol... :( We see so little of the whole audition process, but I am hoping his shocking elimination means that there were a few shaky performances from him, or that others simply "outsang" him...

Not only was I looking forward to seeing and hearing him each week, I was really hopeful there would be someone in the spotlight with a positive message and positive values in a time where stars so often begin and end marriages every few years, someone young people could truly look up to for both their talent and their choices, that you CAN succeed without just "looking out for number one".

I AM very thankful that the national exposure Chris got in auditions allowed him to share his story, in the weeks since his audition aired almost $30,000 in donations have poured in for Juliana's treatment to the Laurus Foundation, among other outreach his community is doing for him.) I have NO doubt he has a very bright future and God will continue to use him and bless him. Here was his final song for the judges, he voice does seem a bit strained after a grueling week, but it touches me still:

If you would like to follow Chris and Juliana's story they have pages on Facebook with updates on her projects and lots of photos of her, before and after the accident. I am happy to see Chris now has over 21,000 friends to support them on their journey. :) You can find more about Chris on this page his friends and fellow musicians have started for him:

I don't normally follow people like this, but he really made an impression on me, as he clearly did others.

I also read he will be on Jay Leno on Friday night singing a song written by Rodney Jerkins specifically for Chris, titled "What are Words" which will be available for purchase! Looking forward to that! If biggies in the industry are already writing songs and arranging performances for him, he is well on his way and can get going sooner with recording without the stress and months away from Juli on the American Idol stage! God is good!


  1. I was shocked Chris was eliminated as well. First, I did love his voice and sound and know that people similar to him have done well in past years.

    Second, the cynical side of me figured with his personal story and the fact that he is talented he would for sure get put through because he would be a ratings gold mine. I know it sounds awful, I've watched every single year and read many wild accusations regarding the judges decisions and the counting of the phone votes etc. I'm really not 100% sure that some contestants have been put through on their vocal talent alone. Sometimes people with a compelling personal story make it farther than I think they should.

    All these years of this show I've yet to see the sense in "Hollywood Week". The forced group numbers when these people are trying to become a solo artist seems ridiculous. The whole LONG hours, emotional turmoil of the week takes it's toll on many people's nerves and on their vocal chords. Truly talented people get eliminated just because they can't physical get through a situation that would probably never occur again in their careers.

    I've always hated this part of the competition and I was hoping with such a change in judges, and the lowering of the age to 15; that they would rethink this pointless, grueling part of the elimination process.

  2. I cried like J Lo when he was eliminated. I understand that IDOL is about singing and not about what our hearts say about a really really really good person - as you said - he will continue to be richly blessed by God and we can only pray that God has a better plan in mind. Thanks for bringing his story to so many people.

  3. Melanie, I heard about it on the news this morning, and thought about your post - the first time I heard of Chris and Juliana. God has the Master Plan and His plan must not be for Chris to continue with Idol, but go a different route, a route meant for Chris. Will be better than Chris's dreams could have imagined! ;o)

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE

  4. I couldn't believe it. I am still in shock. I agree with the rest of you. Something better is coming his way. :)

  5. I also was disapponted that he will not be continuing on. I do believe good things will come his way, due to him appearing on American Idol. What a remarkable couple!

  6. I was SHOCKED he didn't make it! I hope they bring him back if someone opts out. I wish him well in his career and with hid fiancee.

    Ter ;)

  7. Mel, didn't know if you had seen this yet...

  8. Nicole, No I hadn't seen the video before you sent the link, but I did download the song last night! So sweet how so much of the song is Chris's own words from his inital idol interview! Looking forward to his live interview and performance on Leno! :)


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