Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Super Fun Deal, Have to Share!! (Expires Friday!)

Do you like free money? How about getting paid to work out? I know that sounds impossible, but I saw a really fun product being offered at 50% off on Mamapedia (Sweet Deals) yesterday and wanted to pass it on to you, since you order it online, you can get it no matter where you live, it's not a local voucher. It's called the S2H Replay Activity Tracker, (click on that link to see the deal and read more about it) a cute little sports watch that records your daily activity in 15 minute intervals and gives you a code to add 60 points for an hour of exercise to your Switch2Health account online, up to one hour per day. Accumulate points to get gift cards to Barnes n Noble, Lowes and more! That's music to my ears! Rewards are posted so you can see what you'd want to work towards. I bought one and I think I'm going to get them for my kids today, too, they also have Toys r Us, Blockbuster etc. What a fun way to get small rewards and measure your activity! Until I came down with my cold last week, I was going to the gym everyday for 3 weeks straight. If I'd had the Replay I could have gotten $10 to spend on or Fandango (and I wouldn't have been tempted sometimes to cut my work out off like I did at 45 minutes)! That might not sound like much, but it's better than nothing and I like that you're not rewarding yourself for working out with food! :) Plus, the money back for that would already cover the cost of the watch with this half off deal!

I know I always do better sticking with a fitness routine if I have small rewards along the way, and this way I won't have to pay for them myself! Also will motivate me to pick up the weights while I am watching TV to earn another 15 minutes, I like you don't have to do it all at once, too, they thought of everything. :) See what you think! I look forward to receiving mine (what color should I get?!) and really glad signed up for Mamapedia a few weeks ago or I wouldn't know about this program. Think my kids will love it! They don't have any problem being active, but how fun for them to track this themselves and earn their own rewards. One other cute feature i have to mention: the watch show a smilie :) when you've been active, a frownie :( when you haven' don't go upsetting your Replay!! :)

Oh! By the way, mentioning my kids, Mamapedia also has a program that donates 5% of EVERY purchase to the school of your choice, so now that I've logged in my children's school, the school automatically gets 5% whenever I buy a deal. Nice! I like!

I would love to know what YOU think of the S2H Replay or if you've heard about it before/or maybe even have one!

Will be back with an OWH post and pics from William's birthday Sunday. Poor little guy is home sick with fever today and I still have this cold. Yuck. I am just so thankful we were able to enjoy his party Sunday before he got this.


  1. Ohhh I want one!!! Going to check it out. I think my kids and hubby might want one too!!! Thanks for sharing this!!! I think I'll go bright (surprised?? LOL). I'll have to look at the colors again. Hee

  2. Thanks for sharing!!!

    I work out - and this will really keep me motivated!

  3. Thanks, Mel, sending this to DIL for GD's school fundraising. School is building a new complex ready for fall term. Fundraising could be in progress before classroom specific items are requested!! What fun with purpose!
    Lovin' those Framed Greeting GKD die cut stamp example sharings.
    Keep Looking UP!


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