Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Time to Cowgirl Up

So back in the fall, I thought both boys being at school 35 hours week would mean a very different life for me: one that would allow time to always have a clean house, errands done, stamping finished, PLUS leisure time to learn a new language, pick up an instrument, cook like a Master Chef, write a novel, maybe take an occasional nap, and have a grand adventure at least once a week. (Yeah, right, I know) Well! In reality, not so much. BUT, I DID buy a great Groupon (do you get YOUR Groupon??) in September to Bel Canto Farms for two private riding lessons, it's about a 45 minute drive south of me. I looked at my voucher the other day and whoops! It was going to expire in three weeks!! (Where did the last 6 months ago??) So I had to hightail it down to the farm and cross at least ONE adventure off my list!

Here I am after my lesson with Archie (he looks great, I look super puffy in three layers, it was CHILLY that day!) It was English riding, I had never tried before, so I got to sit on the elegant tiny saddle (no horn) and wear the cute helmet (no cowboy hat today!) Vickie, my teacher, was a great instructor, and, she was REALLY impressed with how well I did, that was just so unexpected and awesome to hear! :) Will be going back next week for round 2!

(I am walking like a cowgirl now too, and was instructed (before the lesson even started!) I would need to take a long hot bath tonight and drink a glass of red wine, gotta do what your teacher says! I like being a good student!!)

What adventures await YOU, I want to know! (I HAVE learned one other new thing, will share soon!) :)


  1. Great photo! You look like you had a great time.

  2. YAYYY you!!! Well... I DID start a new adventure... sorta... again. Last night, as a matter of fact!! I went to my first "re-learning" the violin lesson!!! Yay!!! It was so much fun and I couldn't believe how much I remembered. Can't wait for my next lesson! I have a book and schedule and "practice assignments"!!! Hee Hee

  3. Good for you! When I used to show I did both English and Western, Western is my favorite but it's a nice change to do English and helps 'open up the horses stride'. But extra time never turns into what you hoped so I'm glad you at least got to do this. After next time you won't be quite so sore.

  4. ROTFL! From the extra time during the week to walking like a cowgirl, I laughed. Your bucketlist adventures are fun to read about, Mel.

  5. It looks like you had a great time, good for you !!

  6. Hopefully an adventuress trip to Summer CHA in Rosemont! Can't wait! I remember when I was a teenager (OK I know it was LOTS of years ago) I wanted to own lots of horses for my very own. I had ridden both western and English and the power that you feel riding a horse is just awesome. Horses have been great workers, teachers and friends to many hope the fun continues for you nest week!

  7. i love groupon! (and living social)
    i've had several great deals!
    you look like you had a lot of fun!

  8. Great photo Melanie! What an adventure! :o) I had a horse when I was a little girl - what fun.

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  9. Melanie, this sounds like a lot of fun, and you look great in the pic!


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