Sunday, February 27, 2011

"What Are Words"

Chris's song "What are Words" is in the top 50 on iTunes (most downloads)! A wonderful song about their journey for only 99 cents with a portion of each sale going toward Juli's recovery. Here is part of a very heartwarming post from Juli's mom on Facebook about how much Chris doing the song on TV has done for her:

"Can you really think of a better medicine for depression than have the handsome talented love of your life sing a song about how devoted they are to you? Then take it a step further and have that same man go on national TV and talk about you and sing that song? I certainly can't. In fact, all the pills and therapies Juliana's had up to this point have not amounted to the quality of improvement this single event has had on her emotional state. When she heard the song she said, clear as bell,"This is the best I've heard him sound. He's singing about me, right?" (My note: if you have not read more about them before, her speech has been very difficult to understand since the accident and she hardly spoke at all before Chris auditioned; so sweet, Chris was quoted in an interview saying her new found desire to talk was from Steven Tyler's "magic kiss!) She cried when she watched the video and asked to go on Facebook... she could comment on his song and video. She is so incredibly proud of him as we all are but we are seeing it on Juli and that visibility is overwhelming us all.
If you have not yet heard the song you are missing out on one of the most emotional experience so Juli's recovery. It is the affirming evidence of all the prayers that have been said for Juli, Chris, and our whole family."

Read the full post here. Download the song on itunes, let's get it in the top 10!


  1. I loved the song and I think they mentioned it is available in stores. I'm going to pick one up.
    Ter ;)

  2. hoping its God's plan to bless this young couple through all of this...makes me count my blessings!


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