Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pray, Love, Peace

Another card from Trena Brannon today, and another one coming up! I love how she used three pairs of hands on this one and colored different skin tones!
The words inside each of the hands are from "Where Your Heart Is" and "Inspiration Mosaic", together these three little words convey such a positive, hopeful message!
The stamped uncolored hands are a perfect way to "bring the outside in", along with this message from "Hope is Faith" (you can also find this sentiment in my "Hand in Hand" set.
Hope this inspires, I know it does me, and I have a LOT of cards I need to make with this set (along with other holiday cards I already have) to send to Operation Write Home, will be sharing on Wednesday how we did, thanks for all of your orders and support of this set, OWH will be getting LOTS of cards for the troops!!!!


  1. The card is beautiful and the sentiment, so perfect, and one we all need to hold on to.

  2. What a great idea right from the heart with the different colored hands. beautiufl

  3. OHGosh, this brings tears to my eyes it's so profound and gorgeous. Oh, what a very talented lady!

  4. Beautiful card!!! Really just pops with the sponging, embossing and shades of skin tone!


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