Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Here are a couple more cards I made when I had my stamps out the other day, the exact same way I showed in this post, I wanted to add some samples with different colors to show a few other different looks you can get with your sponging, one using yellow and green (and rhinestones), the other pink and purple (with silver nailheads).
I just love "Branching Out" with "Springtime Silhouettes", eek!!! I actually stamped up some coasters with both sets and used some "Bring the Bling" with the silhouettes on the coasters as well: the flourish for the birds and straight line of bling instead of the nailheads to hang the bird cage, turned out very nice! (will add some photos of them soon!) Ooh, still need to add those Liquid pearls samples for you!! :)

I saw a few of you at the festival yesterday, it was a GREAT time, thanks for stopping by! :) I also want to wish everyone a very happy Mother's Day, (treat yourself to that mani pedi or whatever you've been wishing for and call your own mom if you can!! ) I've been up since 5, sick little boy (fever since Friday, bad cough) so we'll be taking it easy today (and hopefully catch a nap!) Paul made breakfast and is also making a nice dinner tonight, one of my favorites Porcini Pasta ( a Macaroni Grill recipe printed in the newspaper many years ago, will scan and share)

Please pray that Williams gets better and we don't come down with it, besides wanting him well (and I'm concerned this could turn into wheezing tonight and date with the nebulizer) I have so much to dooooooooooooo this next week, eek!!! Thank you!


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Mel. Sounds like a good day planned- hope William feels better. Beautiful cards, as always.

  2. The cards are great - can't wait to see the coasters and pearls! I have my fingers crossed for William - hope this doesn't last long! Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Happy Mothers Day. Absolutely gorgeous as usual Melanie!!!

    Prayers for William coming your way! Sick little ones are hard to take since there's not much you can do. :(

  4. Happy Mothers Day Melanie... wonderful cards - as always! Will be praying for William and a good night's rest for all! Thanks for showing us the 'how to' of what you create! Love it!

  5. Happy Mother's Day, sweet lady!! Tell little William I am sending "get well bubbles" to him! *HUGS*

    My kids and DH are making dinner as well... steak with mushrooms and onions... corn on the cob... watermelon and I guess they haven't shared the rest of the menu with me yet. :-)

  6. Happy Mother's Day! Gorgeous cards, and I want to thank you for my wonderful Mother's day: spent the day with your set "Wild at Heart" and am now in LOVE with that set! Best wishes for your son.

  7. Beautiful cards, Melanie! Happy Mother's Day (a bit late) to you, and I pray that your little sweetie is feeling better today. Have a great week, and hope you get everything dddooonnneee that needs dddoooiiinnnggg!!!! lol...hugs!


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