Friday, May 6, 2011

Origaudio on "Shark Tank"

Something fun I learned about yesterday: Origaudio, the company that is selling my speaker design, is featured on ABC's "Shark Tank"! Have you seen or heard of this show before? (I had not, but watched an episode online yesterday and found it pretty entertaining, I've always had an interest in marketing and have had quite a few crazy ideas that if I were 20 something with no family I might be selling all my stuff to try to start the next big thing!)

Here is the official announcement from Origaudio's founders about tonight's show if you are interested in checking it out, plus a coupon special:

Supporters, Friends, Fans, and Customers-

After 6 months of keeping it a secret, we are extremely excited to announce that our company will be featured on ABC's reality show SHARK TANK this Friday!

This is a huge opportunity for our company to gain the partnership of a 'shark' as well as get national exposure for the brand YOU already discovered. If you have never heard of Shark Tank, we highly recommend checking out some past episodes. Our Shark Tank episode airs this Friday May 6th on ABC at 8PM Eastern and Pacific/7PM Central and Mountain. Please watch our episode and tell your friends and family as it truly will be entertaining.

'Ok that is cool, but what's in it for me?'
First, watch the episode this Friday and remember the percent of equity we offer to the sharks. That same percentage will be the % discount you can save on any purchase over the weekend (enter the # in coupon code box, but not the % sign) on

Second, we have a shark attack deal going on Sphear. Any purchase over $50 before shipping, will get a free Sphear Speaker ($29.99 value) . Dad's n Grad's is coming up!

We are always listening to you for suggestions on our products, thus next week we will announce a new product coming out of the OrigAudio lab......

We truly thank you for everything as without your support we would probably have been eaten by real life sharks off the coast of Mexico a year and a half ago...

All the best,
Jason and Mike
OrigAudio - Co-Founders

Fun stuff! (scroll down for today's card) ;)


  1. Melanie, I can't wait. I have watched every episode of Shark Tank and love the show. I wish all the luck they can get tonight -will be watching for sure. Thanks for the heads up, it makes tonight even more fun to watch.

  2. We watch this all the time!!! Cool!!!!

  3. pretty cool little gadget! Will try to catch the show.

  4. Here's a link to Mel's Crazy Daisy speaker design:


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