Monday, May 9, 2011

Roses are Red...

Here's a little poem I found in the bottom of William's backpack last week.

(Altogether now, 1, 2 3...awwwww!) What a sweetie! (Let me know if you don't speak/read "mom/kid!" and need a translation! ;)

And here were my favorite pages from the Mother's Day book he made me...
About the cover border, he says "I don't know what those squares are...elevators, maybe?" I suggested presents, but he didn't seem to think so LOL
"My mom is the best" (Did he really draw me in a bathing suit??)
What can I say, the kid knows I like to stamp! (hard to miss!) Not sure if all those stripes at the bottom are decoartive or scraps of paper on my floor, hmmmm...
(Eek, where did all my hair go??)
Yes, I do. :)

I have to please ask for your continued prayers for our health, it turns out he has walking pneumonia, and will be home for at least another day before he can be around other kids at school since it is contagious. He's also not allowed to do anything too active for the next several days so his lungs can rest, that's going to be hard for my Energizer bunny!) I hope hope HOPE none of us get it because we have a LOT going on right now! Thanks so much for comments, emails and prayers!

Had a terrific story emailed to me yesterday, I'll post later, gotta keep cracking on some work, have great day, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Totally adorable! Coleen (my granddaughter spells just like William - She's 6 and is learning how to sound out words. You get some fun spellings but it's so cute to see them learning.
    Hope your little guy is feeling better soon.

  2. OMGosh that is just adorable! I love that little man! LOL Praying he gets well and you can keep him down enough to do so! *HUGS*

  3. Oh Melanie,he is really to precious.You have to save that for when he is older.My prayers are with him in hopes he has a quick recovery and the rest of your family does not catch it.

  4. What a sweet, adorable little boy! How I miss those innocent days, but it was very special to hav emu college boy call me yesterday to wish me Happy Mother's Day. Then I got all sad because I realized it was the first Mother's Day we'd ever been apart in his 19.5 years of life! Hope your guy gets better quickly. Some prayers for him and for the rest of you to stay well.

  5. Aw!!! What a sweetheart!!!! My son had something similar for me for Mother's Day! And he said that I liked to stamp too! LOL! I guess I spend too much time in my stamp room!

    I'm sorry to hear your little one is not well. I hope he gets over that pneumonia soon! {hugs}

  6. So totally cute!! They are SO FUN ath this age -- unlike fighting with 17 year old on Mom's Day :(

  7. Hey Melanie,What a gorgeous gift from your son! Bet he's gorgeous too (like his Mum)! Hope he's much better really soon.:))

  8. AWWWWW! What a treasure...from your treasure.

    I'm praying he's back to his bouncy self very soon!

  9. He has been in my prayers. I hope you all stay well. This gift is so sweet and he knows his mother.

  10. Melanie, this is so sweet.

    Sending best wishes for your son's speedy recovery.

  11. What a cutie patootie (your son AND you in that daring attire)! That's the sweetest thing I've seen today. He sounds like a very happy, loving, young man! Praying for a speedy recovery! I miss those days, by the way! Ours are 30 and grandbabies. We DO however, have two granddoggies! Have a good night :)

  12. My prayers are for your little
    sweetie to get well soon.
    I loved his art work. Thanks
    for sharing.

  13. How sweet!! Your little guy is SO adorable!! Praying he gets well soon. Take care. Hugs.

  14. Utter and Absolute sweetness!!! What a special memory there!!!! And hope he's feeling all better now!!! HUGS to you all!!

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