Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Perfect way to display your cards!

So although it IS still available (today only!) I should have let you know about this deal a few days go, sorry for the delay! You've probably seen a lot of these make you own photobooks, and SweetDeals is offering a large hardcover photobook you customize for only $10 ($35 value) Well I just realized the other day that not only will this be nice for making a coffee table book of a vacation or the kids picture, but it would ALSO be GREAT for making a very professional portfolio of photos of some of your favorite CARDS you've made!! Think about how nice it would be to display a large body of your work in a professional bound hardcover book rather than carrying them around to get messed up or printing out pictures of them! Imagine it for a minute, wouldn't that look sharp? I'm not sure why I never thought about that before when I see all these Shutterfly deals, etc, but I am love this ideas now!!
When I went to CHA a couple years ago, I was really kicking myself I hadn't put something together in case someone there wanted to see my stuff. Cammie had shown me a really cute little 4"x6" book with sleeves for inserting photos like a brag book that she'd printed out a bunch of pictures she'd taken of her cards, so I figured I would do that too (when I got around to it, still haven't LOL!) But this is even nicer! Whether I want to use it in a professional setting like I just mentioned, share with my kids teachers when they ask me what I do, or let guests thumb through it when they come by our house, or even just for me and my family to see some of my best cards, I am really exited to make these. Blogging has certainly made it easier to let go of my cards instead of hoarding since I have a visual record and this will take that just one step further. (Haven't you always wanted "your own book"?) Think I just may go back and buy a few more today before the deal ends! ;)
What about you? have any other great ideas about how to show off your cards that is easy, efficient, inexpensive? We'd love to know, please share!

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  1. What a great idea, Melanie! You are so clever :) Sigh...I have a very tiny workspace, so my cards are mailed out soon after creation, or are stored in small plastic keep tubs on a bookcase. Maybe someday I'll have a display place! Hugs...


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