Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kissing is Vogue!

Welcome back! Today I have a short tutorial for you on kissing, hee hee! (step one, pucker...nah, just kidding!) I noticed a chunky elements stamps in the Free with Three "Elegant Elements" were about the same size and shape as Theresa's solid vase in "Vogue Vases" which makes them both perfect stamps for the kissing technique, covering the whole vase to make a pretty pattern! First I inked up the vase in Vivid Butterscotch, because I want the vase to be two tones but also I want my impression to pick up the whole vase. (you could kiss just the print of the element on to the un-inked vase, but it would be missing some edges...) Then I inked up the knotted element with Vivid Brick and pressed (kissed!) it onto the vase. Here you see the kissed vase before stamping onto my paper.
And here it is stamped! I just love kissing, don't you?! :) This vase now how has a gorgeous pattern that looks hand painted and I didn't have to cut and paper piece, woo hoo!
Here is the finished card. I added the flowers and shelf border and layered it onto Pure Luxury Black Onyx, Pumpkin Spice (punched with Acanthus leaf border), and Sweet Corn. I also stamped that same element over the sentiment to tie in the pattern on the vase and did a little sponging on the Petite Oval Nestabilities before removing the die.
I decided to keep the bling to a minimum with just one pearl since this sentiment is talking about "little moments"... :)

Hope this inspires, two great sets here, lots of options!!


  1. Gorgeous! Love this idea for another way to use my vase stamp!

  2. Oh great way to mix the stamps -- love this idea!!

  3. FABULOUS!!! Will have to steal that idea!

  4. Superb sentiment!! tfs
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  5. Beautiful card, Melanie! When we do this in my workshops, my ladies all think it's wonderful magic!!! Thanks for sharing, and for your gorgeous card. Hmmm...I'm beginning to worry about you though - today you are teaching us to 'kiss', and the other day you wanted to know if we 'fandango'...I'm not sure I'm old enough to come to your blog! lol...hugs!!!

  6. Oh, I haven't kissed in forever! LOL! Beautiful card, Melanie!

  7. Love this card!! The kissing technique on the vase is fab!! Great design of the card too.
    Wishing you a fab evening...{hugs}

  8. What a great idea. Beautiful.

  9. absolutely beautiful - WOW - what great ideas I've gotten.

    I really like the watermelon slice and button smile face!!! So cute!

  10. Love your kissing! (that doesn't sound quite right, does it? LOL) I love how the vase turned out and your whole card is gorgeous!


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