Monday, June 27, 2011

My Little Fishy

Well, we are busy busy this summer! (And new stamps arrived for our release later this week, eek!) Just a quick update with a little of what the Muenchingers have been up to! One of my last posts was about William, today I have to brag a little about how well Jonathan is doing with his swimming!
He had his first two meets the past two Saturdays and he took 1st place in all three of the events he swam in at each meet! I was especially proud he was still able to come in first this weekend because the coach signed him up to do a fourth event, (which they never do, limit is three, but they needed a sub to do butterfly in the medley) and he was super tired after the fly and had to compete in his breaststroke right after. I feel a little silly but I actually got teary eyed watching him do butterfly, because I'd never really even seen him do that stroke and I couldn't believe how fast he went! (His medley team only finished 4th but he really did awesome on his lap.)

Pretty exciting for us, he has always been a very strong swimmer and gotten ribbons, but this year I believe we will go ahead and go to the City Meet to compete in a few weeks (anyone can sign up but only the best move on), the winners go on to the regionals in Waco (and with him often winning his races by as much two lengths he really has a great chance!) I remember the first summer I met Gina at CHA after I'd started illustrating when she heard my son was starting swim team she asked if I got zone cuts, I hadn't a clue what that was because he hadn't even done a meet yet LOL! I can understand now how exciting it has been for her to watch her girls have so much success swimming... :)
Another fun thing: the night before the last meet my husband showed Jonathan all of the medals and ribbons he won for swimming as a boy (and there were LOTS, he won several events on the city level but then later stopped swimming to do baseball.) Jonathan was very intrigued with the medals as they've only passed out ribbons so far. Paul said if he could beat his time of 19.06 in the 25 freestyle he earned at the same age, Jonathan could have the medal. We knew he was fast but he hadn't done that event yet this summer since his coach had signed him up for other events. He'd taken first in that event last year coming in at 23.01, which was four seconds faster than the previous summer. Could he shave off another four seconds? Yes he could, I think it really lit a fire under him, because he did it in 18.04, two lengths ahead of the second place finisher! :) (will post a pic of this ancient medal later) ;) So now we need to go get his hair cut to streamline him a little for next weeks meet, he got a pair of Speedo shorts yesterday to wear instead of his baggy trunks, too (but we draw the line at shaving his legs, hee hee!) ;)

More later, we also went to San Antonio last week, will tell you about that and share a few pics when I can! I got a chance to stamp a bit yesterday and made my first card with my newest set, will peek it to you right here on Thursday before the release party, can't wait, can't wait! (I seriously owe you some "Border Bling" samples , sorry i am behind on my stamping, I had had a lot of projects I'd had to work finish I can't share on the blog at this time.

Hope you are having a great summer! Big hugs!


  1. My grandkids are becoming little water babies and the 7yo just earned her first ribbon. What a marvelous story you shared and how utterly FABULOUS that your little guy 'earned' a real medal (even if only from dad).

  2. Yay, Jonathan! Congratulations.

  3. Congrats! How awesome and what a wonderful time for your family! I love the peek of your new set.

  4. How exciting! Congratulations to Jonathan :) I would have been teary eyed too, Melanie - sheesh, mine are 30 and 35, and I still get teary eyed when they do something awesome! Have a great day!

  5. That is so exciting Melanie!!
    Congrats to Jonathan!!

    I saw the sneak peak today of your vine and Bible verse stamp on Gina's blog today! I just love it! That is going to be wonderful for not only cards but for some home decor as well!
    Thank you for always creating such beautiful sets!
    Blessings and Hugs,


  6. My son has been on his school swim team 3 years in a row - last year on the HS team and then helped 'coach' the middle school team. Once school starts he wants to do the year round swim team too. My DD did swim also in middle school and is thinkibng about trying it again this year in HS.

  7. Congratulations to Jonathon!

  8. Congratulations to Jonathan! Very exciting and very impressive!

  9. Yay Melanie. Congratulations to Jonathan! My daughter got her swimming start in Summer league. Back in the day they held that end of summer meet at the Texas A & M pool. Hopefully Jonathan will keep swimming and win more medals. My daughter swims at the collegiate level and I still love going to the meets to see her swim!

  10. Congratulations to Jonathan AND you! Looks like you are well on your way to raising a "winner", Melanie. *smile*


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