Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Unplanned e-cation

Yoo hoo! hello! Thought I'd better come check in since I hadn't blogged in a week, God bless Susan White for checking in on me and making sure my family and I hadn't fallen off the face of the earth! :) I hope you are enjoying a great summer with your families, it is really flying by, our days have been packed with swimming, sleepovers, movies, skateboarding (a new passion in the Muenchinger household, more on that in a bit!) and Vacation Bible School! William's class (holding their "Gospel" spiders) is pictured above, sorry for the fuzzy photo I took it with my phone. Can you find William?Here is a pic of a few quick cards I made for my sons' teachers, these "Little Tees" cards measure 5 1/2" x 7 1/2" to give all the student room to sign. I made them to match the tie dye shirts each of their classes wear for school events and class field trips. The tie dye on the left is made by first stamping the shirt outline in black, and scribbling rows of orange and purple with Memento markers onto the BOLD shirt stamp and misting with water before stamping over the outline, it turned out JUST like their tie dye! "U ROCK" is from the same set. The shirt on the right with round tie die pattern was done by inking up the doily from "Nana's Needlework" with yellow and purple Memento markers in circles and then misting. If you don't have the doily stamp, you coudl also just draw circles on the bold tshirt stamp with the markers and mist, whch will create a more "bleeding" effect like on the orange and purple shirt. Don't forget to have a nice day with the "Little Tees" smiley face! The sentiment "TEACHER" on each is from my coordinating "Tee Talk" set. Mats are Pure Luxury Sweet Mango, Wild Lilac, and Lemon Drop.

Sorry I couldn't have posted these cards sooner to provide you some inspiration for your own teacher thank yous, I made them in pinch before the last day of school, nothing like the last minute! But I did enjoy having some time to stamp with my Little Tees" it had been awhile! :)

More photos, stories, tutorials and tips coming soon, I promise! HUGS! I miss you!


  1. Glad that you are okay! I miss those days - enjoy every single one! Your cards are perfect for those wonderful teachers!!! Hugs...

  2. Yep... wondered where you been hiding. But I think I kinda knew. ;-) Of course I can spot little William. He's so adorable.. he kinda looks scared. lOL LOVE the cards and thanks for reminding me of them... I miss the old sets I seem to never have time to play with anymore. One of my favorite cards I made was using that set... but... someone bought it. :-( or :-)

  3. OMGosh!!! Those tee cards are far out groovy. I guess I'll be getting my tee set out and trying that out. Hope your e-cation was relaxing and fun. Hugs!

  4. Really cute cards, and really cute group shot! Glad everything is OK - it did occur to me that I hadn't received a post from you for a while :)

  5. oh how darling - misss those days too! thanks for sharing...


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