Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Peek at this month's CardMaker...

Here are a couple cards I have in CardMaker July 2011, this first using my "Candles on Your Cake" set and a template I made for the bomb pop, you can get the template for free in this issue!This next card uses the Smackin' Acetate, I love this particular technique with Theresa's "Aloha" set!

A shout out to my GKD girls Carolyn King, Janice Whiting, Colleen Schaan, Tami Mayberry, and Jennie Harper (I'm going to nickname her "Centerfold" from now on for a fabulous two page spread she did with my "Gifts from the Sea" set, hee hee! You can call her that, too ;) for their gorgeous projects this month, and a BIG woooooooo hoooooooooo to Lee Murphy for the fishy card she made with Gina's adorable "Quite a Catch" set, this is her first publication! Yeah!!!

I want to encourage you ALL who have been considering submitting cards for publication or have before and have not yet gotten a "yes"yet, by telling you (please keep reading, this is different form what I've said before LOL!) how important "no's" are! I'd heard this before, but was reminded of it the other day in a book I was reading and wanted to pass it along. The author talked about how in every success story, there are many no's that come before the "yes", and they are ALL part of the process. She actually got excited by the no's because they knew they were putting in the time and doing the work, checking off the boxes that would eventually, statistically have to lead to a "yes"! Imagine how many inventions, discoveries and great talents the world would be without if any of these people had abandoned their work or dreams before the door opened. And the best part, is that only the door that opens for you is the RIGHT one, any other one was not the person or time for it to happen. We should be glad when we see doors are firmly closed because that is really tangible confirmation that the person is not the right alliance in that time or the right path on your journey...

As far as cardmaking, it may be you just need to keep honing your craft, or carefully choosing pub calls that really inspire you. Possibly it's finding which publication is a good fit for your style, there are several publications who have never been interested in ANY of the work I've sent. (It IS fun to get published, and there are benefits, but it also can be a lot of work. It's not for everyone, and in no way validates or invalidates that you have talent whether you get the "yes" or the "no"...)

So here's to the "NO's"! :)


  1. Congrats...I just got my mag, saw your posts!
    Check out Jillian's Birthday Blog Hop at:

  2. I just love seeing all my fellow DT's get published! It is so awesome to say "I KNOW HERE & HER & HER..." Awesome cards and congrats to all of these published stampers, including you Mel!!

  3. was a great reminder of all the "NO's" i have anxed over. And them found that the good LORD had saved me from myself, yet again.
    Thanks for the reaffirmation of NO.

  4. Hi Melanie!
    Sorry I haven't comment for awhile! I am so behind! I just went back and caught up and your cards are so beauitufl and I LOVED the birthday card with the bunny for the card hop! He is just adorable and I love the colors you used. And thnakyou for the clever butterfly with the spellbinders. I loved your mahalo card,just gorgeous. I have to look up this technique.
    Thank you for the words of wisdom today. I keep thinking about trying to submit something. Fear of rejection I suppose, or self doubt. But I guess I'll never know unless I take a leap off the edge! :)
    Congratulations on being published! That is so exciting! Enjoy your summer.
    Hugs, and God Bless,


  5. Such a cute card Melanie and squealed when I saw it in CardMaker!!! Just perfect and uber creative my friend. to the centerfold comment, ummmmmm, don't think so :o) You are a hoot ya!

  6. love both of these! dont know how you all find the time to create to send to the magazines too!! one of these days I'll try (-: thanks for the encouragement!

  7. lovely cards xx jo xx


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