Monday, October 31, 2011


...Did you miss me?? We have been busy doing fun stuff to get ready for Halloween, plus baseball games and me going to the gym everyday last week (have lost 8 pounds the last few weeks, will share in more detail soon what I have been doing to lose weight and be healthier!) Here are a few photos of our low tech house decorations. William's greeter...

and the kids went a little nuts out front with the fake webs!! I hope we don't get sued from someone getting tangled up trying to come to the door for candy tonight...
...but perhaps Jonathan's sign covers us, that people ARE entering at their own risk! (Pure Luxury Chocolate Brown, with Copics for slime, nails and wood grain!) ;)
Finally I just have to share this next photo because to me it's so unreal, I call this photo....wait for it...

..."The Big Apple" Bwahhhh! It's Honey Crisp (these are delish btw, taste like honey) and it weighed a whopping 1.2 lbs (over 3 bucks!)! I just had to put it on top of these regular sized Pink Ladies, and yes, it really is almost as big as that personal sized watermelon! I think we will be drizzling almond bark and mini chocolate chips over it tonight to eat in sections while we watch a movie after trick or treating...

Hugs, I miss YOU!! hope you have a safe and terrific halloween tonight! Eat, drink and be scary! Tell me below what you'll be doing tonight if you care to share! :) Not sure if I will be dressing up this year or not, I was just having a hard time getting inspired and the kids were nixing all my ideas! Might be resurrecting the pirate costume, or perhaps, just go as an illustrator (jeans, sweats, sneaks) ;)


  1. OMGosh I LOVE Pink Ladies AND Honey Crisps!!! LOL love the webbing too! Our trick or treat night was last night here. We had over 100 kids!! I bought 100 cans of soda to give out and TWO HUGE bags of candy and we were out in one hour and 15 minutes!! Still had 45 minutes to go before Beggers Night ended. That was double what we gave out last year!! Emily went to a pre-beggars night party then went around to houses in the neighborhood. Steven handed out goods at our home. Then we did the family homes in the car. We didn't get home until 9:30PM.

  2. Hi, Melanie...I could spend hours here looking at everything! Wow! You are SUCH a talented artist!! I am so impressed with your stamps and will definitely making some purchases soon! Marita Murphy

  3. how wonderful ..lost 8 lbs..hmmmm is someone going to have another baby (-:

    just staying home with DH - we live back in the woods so all is quiet !

  4. Looks so fun - love the web and the sign!! Hope it'll be great fun!! It's just another day for me here ;( no Halloween...haha.

  5. Hmm- I dressed as a laundress today-ha, and I got all the laundry finished!!!
    All the webs and the decorations at your house look terrific! Missed your blog the last few days!!!

  6. Wow, now that's an apple! I took my little girl trick-or-treating and then we went to visit the neighbors and let our girls play together. We came home just in time to get pajamas on, brush teeth and do the necessary candy count before she had to go to bed! Now I am catching up on some blog reading while the hubby watches a scary movie. A good family night!

  7. Honey crisp apples are my FAVORITE! Did you juice it or eat it?


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