Sunday, October 23, 2011

Latest Favorite Deal: The Slanket

Okay, if you like snuggling and/or ever get cold, you need a Slanket, they are offering them through my beloved Mamapedia site for only $15 (50% off) ! If you've only seen these blankets with sleeves on infomercials and roll your eyes thinking it's kind of a silly gimmick, I beg you to think again! I remember once thinking myself "How are these different from wearing a robe?", but then I actually got to try one out when I gave blood at the blood center (because it's cold in there!) and that was all I needed to make it the only thing I asked for that Christmas!! (No one in my immediate family got me one, I was so disappointed, but then my mom and stepdad came through! ) I've always called it my "Snuggie" and it was one of the best gifts I have ever gotten! It's always pretty annoying to try to wrap yourself on the couch with a good book or movie and not be able to cover your feet and or have your poor little hands and arms sticking out! Especially if you have poor circulation like me (or just live somewhere VERY cold, I know many of you do!) we just had the hottest summer on record here in Texas but I still wore socks around the house, when winter hits I get serious Popsicle toes! But unlike a robe, this completely covers your feet (and then some for "tuck under"!) , sleeves are long enough to completely cover your hands if you want, and a generous cowl neck to pull up to your ears! Hunkering down with a blanket like this is just heavenly, I just rub my feet back and forth enjoying the softness and warmth, purrrrrr. (Where I do my crafting is really drafty, too, so it's nice to throw this on when I'm seated working.)

There are many versions of these sleeve blankets but not all are created equal. You want one that's very plush and will hold up in the wash! Just read the customer reviews on the site and you'll see people are seriously attached to their Slankets. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I bought one for myself with this deal because my son WILLIAM stole my snuggie from me not long after I got it, he claimed it for his own and keeps it in his bed. (That stinker! I've tried fishing it out of his bunk bed , it always makes it way back up there...somehow...) I bought this pretty red floral version pictured above, they have a lot of different colors and patterns. Mine arrives in a couple days and I am so ready for the cold now that I have another snuggly I don't have to share, bring it on!! :)


  1. Oh, a person after my own heart! I too am ALWAYS cold and living in the Midwest...we have very cold winters! I am going to check this out immediately! TFS

  2. Ha must be eons younger than me - I'd cook up to toast in your Slanket! However, we have a DD that is cold when it's 100 degrees outside - thanks for the holiday idea :)

  3. hahaha can't do it! I got the Bon Apetite magazine for the Hubby, but I have to draw a line somwhere..... :)

  4. Thanks for the info on the blanket, think I will try one out!!


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