Monday, June 25, 2012

Memento Pure Luxury Matches!

Hi! Hope you had a terrific weekend! My pads I ordered from Blitsy last week arrived yesterday* so I have been stamping and looking for great matches for our Gina K Pure Luxury paper so my future designs can be all matchy matchy! There are still a few of the new and older Memento pads left on the Blitsy site until stock runs out (or Wednesday whichever comes first!), specifically these *perfect* matches for the some colors from the new Gina K Pure Luxury Calypso and Carnival collections:

From left to right: Memento Love Letter matches Pure Luxury Carnival Red, Memento Morocco matches Calypso Orange, Memento Teal Zeal matches Calypso Blue, and Memento Paris Dusk matches the Calypso Purple.

Shows how on trend these hot new colors are, for ink and paper! Love 'em! Grab the ones that you like best, you'll use them so much more in your projects if you have the matching ink for your paper and vice versa! The other looks beautiful, too, but these look positively made to order, eek! (and were ink colors I was really needing to be able to blend with these new cardstocks I am dyin' to use!!)

And these are the four pads that blend best with the four colors in each collection, "Calypso" stack on the left, and stack that is a good match or blend for the Carnival colors is on the right. Aren't these so yummy and summery?!

And the happy news is, ALL the Memento colors are now available on Gina's site if you missed any or have some on your wishlist now! And I'll be ordering too, as, yes, there were a couple I failed to throw in the cart last week (Gray Flannel), oops! As always, Gina has free shipping on orders over $50 and the Free with Three stamp set which more than qualifies as a great discount!:)

Hope this helps you in planning purchases! Oh, and don't forget the matching ribbons!;)

*and I will say all the pads were nice and juicy and shipped quickly! yay!


  1. WOW - what great colors...thanks for sharing...going on my wish list for sure!
    Paper Hugs,

  2. Thanks for the great info Melanie!!! Muchly appreciated!! I never would have though that Paris disk would have matched it as I use Paris dusk as my absolute darkest blue/purple. Just goes to show how computers display colours differently. :)

    PS the picture of the matching vs. complimentary colours has the red ink backwards (love letter is in the complimentary instead of matching). :)

  3. I want to get Momentos ink pads and the pens both. If I were rich I would do all at once, but even though they are not spendy with all those colors it does add up. One of these days...I will start my collection. But I have no place to store them now.

  4. Hi Darla! If I understand your PS comment correctly, the photo showing the pads has them separated into the groups for the paper collections, the red which matches Love Letter is part of the Carnival collection, but I showed it stamped with the other three Calypso colors just because those 4 are the best matches I got out of the papers and pads, but these stacks are the four pads you'd get if you are trying to match to one collection or the other. Does that makes sense?

  5. This is SUCH great information! Thanks for doing the hard work for us all!

  6. Thank you Melanie for the color matches. I just finished getting the new colors and this will be very helpful. I plan on getting the new paper colors with my next order, hopefully on Thursday.


  7. Awesome Mel! I need to order some more GKD and those new colors just look wonderful.... My LSS got the new Memento pads a few weeks ago so I made a special trip to snag those up and LOVE the new colors. You definitely need the Gray Flannel... :)

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