Friday, June 8, 2012

New Cardstock Colors in da House!!

Hello! The order I placed for new Pure Luxury cardstock last week just arrived, so I had to get out all my existing cardstock and see how all they compare! I'm really excited about all these new colors, yay!!

First, is the new Sandy Beach, I have been wanting to color like this for a long time! Yellower and lighter than Soft Sand, here it is with our other Pure Luxury neutrals. It's a lovely wheat with natural flecks and specks similar to a Kraft will and some gorgeous warmth and texture to your projects!
Next up, some beautiful layering weight bright collections, Calypso and Carnival, just in time for summer! Love how intense these colors are, and so popular right now! From top left to right, Calypso Orange, Pink, Teal, and Purple, and Carnival Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.
Here is the Calypso Pink next to our current pinks! It almost makes the Passionate Pink look like magenta, this is like no other color we had. Really fun!
And here is the Carnival red (oops, I forgot to put Red Hot next to it, but it is softer and slightly pinker and than Red Hot.) and Calypso Orange. Love this new fiery orange color, more saturated than Sweet Mango, much different than any current orange.
Carnival Green is lighter and brighter but not as "neon" a Key Lime. Gina no longer carries the Creme de Menthe but for those of you who still have it, I thought I'd throw it in the lineup to show how much yellower and brighter the Carnival Green is.
Finally the "blues". These three are really different as well! I'd say the Calypso Purple is the most different from what we currently carry, it is like a true primary or royal blue, but as you can see next to our other blues and green it does have a purplish undertone. We really needed this color! I'm so excited to have this Calypso Teal as well, much deeper and greener than Turquoise Sea! Last, the Carnival Blue is a smooth clear sky blue, and with turquoise and aquas being some of my favorite shades to use on cards, this is 2-3 shades lighter than my beloved Blue Raspberry!
I did not add a photo of the Carnival Yellow with the other yellows because in a photo it is almost identical to our Wild Dandelion (but you can see it above in the Carnival collection). If you love Wild Dandelion, and I do, you will love having this new layering weight version of this gorgeous, sunshine yellow!

I'll just end by saying, getting 2 packs of each of these new collections won't last me long! Good thing I realized I need to get some more binder boxes, so I will be placing another order very soon!

Hope this was helpful to you! Please leave me a comment below letting me know your new favorite(s) colors from these collections!

Have a TERRIFIC weekend! Hugs!


  1. Yep, I need these. I have to place my order soon!

  2. Thanks - my box arrived today and so did my summer vacation! Happy stamping days ahead!

  3. Thanks so much, Melanie, for both comparing the colors and describing them. Now I'm even more excited about all the new colors. SO OFTEN, I've wished for a color between Blue Raspberry and Turquoise Sea. And I've also wanted a green that wasn't quite so neon as the Key Lime. I've also longed for an "in between" pink. It looks like these new colors have granted all of my color wishes all at the same time. YAY!

  4. That was so nice to see all the colors side by side so I could compare them! Now I just need to place my order so I can start to use some of those new colors. Don't really know which is my favorite yet. Thanks for showing this.

  5. I love those new colors, especially the orange and mango, green, blue, oh, I love them all!


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