Sunday, July 8, 2012

Swimming Update! (Woot!)

Thanks so much for all your prayers, the boys had great swims yesterday! William came 1st in his heat and took another 4 seconds off from last week (but there were so many heats for that race it didn't qualify). Here is he is taking his mark.

He was actually so fast off the gun and in the pool before everyone else, I really thought he had fall start, but nope, whew! And I was just so proud of him for keeping his cool in front of all those people in this a massive indoor pool. We'll get 'em next year, William! :)

Jonathan's relay team did not place, but they and the alternate performed well and finished fourth 9so might be alternates?), and nobody else got sick, thankfully! Jonathan did qualify for state again, finishing second in both the 25 free in the 50 free, so he will be swimming both those events in Corpus at the end of the month. Jonathan had a personal best on his 25 free and missed 1st place on the 50 free by just .01 second, (35.01, versus 35.00) the closest race of the entire day. I told him we'll have to skip clipping his fingernails next time to extend his reach, hee hee! ;) He was very happy to take second to his teammate, Nicholas, who has been great competition for him all season, as both boys have been pushing the other to go faster. Now they both get to go to the State meet together (Jonathan had already qualified to go for the 25m free, so Nicholas really needed that win).

Here they are right after the 50 yd race, Jonathan on the right in the black cap and Nicholas to his left in the blue cap. I love how happy Jonathan looks, even after the narrow miss at a trophy (only first place gets one) He can be pretty intense before his races, but doesn't fall apart or stew if they don't go his way or obsess over what he might have done differently.

We celebrated with this big ol' hamburger cake after dinner that night, isn't that awesome? (and only 19.50 at HEB, a bargain I thought (looked so cute inside, too, with the bun being white cake and the burger being chocolate...pound cakes fries, mmm!)

So excited for our team since we have three kids who qualified for the city team this season! (and that I have some families to carpool with to practices, hee, more stamping time!) Thanks for letting me share our happy news!

Excuse me while I go finish a post for inspiration hop tomorrow, eek! Hope you had a terrific weekend and lots of our own things to celebrate! Hugs!


  1. Let's hear it for da boys!!! Great job you two! That hamburger cake is the most fun thing I've seen in a long time! Thanks for sharing all of your photos - keep on swimming!

  2. WTG, guys! Whooo hoooo!!!! Congrats on great performances.

  3. Congrats! to both your boys!! I bet you are a proud mom.

  4. Congratulations to all the boys and best wishes for state!!!

  5. Awesome! Great job, Jonathan and William!

  6. Good for the boys - great team work. Loved the cake too - what is HEB?

  7. My congratulations from one swim mom to another swim mom! Your boys did great! Good luck in Corpus and tell Jonathan to "swim fast"!

  8. Wahoo! Glad things went so well! Our swim team used to chat at the swim meets -- those little verses still ring in my ears!! Will be praying they do well in Corpus.


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