Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Spy with My Little Eye...

...a gorgeous card with gorgeous new dies! I got this announcement from Northridge Publishing 
in my inbox the other day about CHA release products and to my surprise, there is one of my images, smack dab in the centah!! 
Check out that rose from Stately Flowers 6! Looking fab I must say framed up on those two Spellbinders die sets, must have them now!! 

Do your recognize that signature coloring and design style from our Gina K. team?? (not mine)

 Also, BACK IN STOCK!!!  A Year of Flowers 2, yay!  thanks for clearing the shelves for it half of you and the other half patinetly waiting for it!  Poster Board Sentiments, which I used on this sample, is also back in stock.  Work great together!
 Cardstock is Pure Luxury Black Onyx, Innocent Pink and White.

If you like, I can post a short video later this week showing to color the daisy.  Again, *so* simple to do. just big swipes with your brush tip, feel free to go outside the lines!

Finally, here is pic of our new litter of bunnies from February, now about 5 weeks old, crowding around some pellets after filling up on timothy hay while my hubby cleans out their cage! Mom at right. this time we have some "blondies" and "brownies" instead of "blackies" like last time, how sweet!  Hope they haven't got identity crises eating from a bowl that says "GOOD CAT". Hee!

Lots of other stuff from our Spring Break,  etc to catch you up on, but will have to wait just a bit more!  Hope all is well in your world!

Tell me: what should my next video be???

*Theresa Momber :)


  1. Theresa's card using your Stately Flowers 6 is awesome. Your bunnies are adorable and they are getting so big.

  2. The card is awesome but I love the bunnies too.I would like to a video on shading. Thank you for sharing and your stamp sets are awesome.

  3. Beautiful rose card!!! Cute little bunnies, When my boys were little we raised bunnies too...such fun!


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