Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Apologies for not posting in awhile, we are very busy with kids' activities as well as finding out our beautiful cat of 12 years has cancer.  Homey has not been doing well the past 4 months, (hiding and sleeping all the time, not eating, lost 8 pounds!) so we are glad to at least know now what it is (vet first diagnosed a soft tissue injury that was making him want to lay low and heal) and give him some medicine to make him more comfortable.  It's in his spine and has calcified which presumably is making it hard for him to jump without pain, so he will have to be indoors full time from now on. The Prednisone has actually perked him up quite bit and given him an appetite again.  We are thankful to be able to have some time to love on him now that he's showing an interest in life and us again and acting like his old affectionate, curious self, if only for awhile.  The photo above is with William a month before he started showing signs of illness, perhaps the last time we see him up on the bed. :( Below he is up to some old tricks, like making room for himself by pushing out all the towels on a low shelf before Spring Break.
He's not real happy with how skinny he looks now, so I'll have to dig up some older healthy pics to show later of his better days.  Visitors always commented he looked more like a panther than a cat, he was so tall and handsome.

Last night on March 25th we celebrated one year of having our adult rabbits with a big homemade birthday carrot cake, of course, William insisted. He has actually been keeping track of when we got them so we could have their birthday party.  That day marked the 6 weeks birthday of our newest litter of bunnies (which were born on William's birthday in February), and interestingly enough, we realized that means that the actual birthday of our adult rabbits, although we've been saying it's the day we got them, was actually probably on or about Feb 11 last year since they'd just been weaned when we bought them from the pet store.  So, Pegasus probably had these babies on her 1st birthday!  Anyway, lots of Easter fun coming up, hunts, crafts, snuggle time with the bunnies in the evenings, watching "Hop" as a family, and weaning them starting today I think.  Not sure yet how many we are keeping.  At least one female.
Gosh, they are all so cute and sweet, hard to pick!  This is a "Blue" bunny.

 Love those pink, pink ears on this Chocolate bunny!
 Snugglers!!  A Fawn and a Lilac.

Have some CardMaker posts tomorrow and Thursday, including a blog hop with prizes, so look forward to that.  Hope to get my next video done in the next few days, thanks for your patience and those of you who have written to me with suggestions for techniques you'd like to see.

I still have to share our Spring Break. Oy!  Fun and eventful, but also some drama.  Hey, we survived and enjoyed not being at school.

More later!! Hugs!


  1. I am glad Homely is doing better. It is hard watching a pet (loved family member) hurting. I hope things improve every day. Take care

  2. Being a cat lover and owner for over 45 years, this breaks my heart. I am glad he is doing a little better now. Your rabbits are just adorable!

  3. Thanks for sharing photos of your pets. And, sorry to hear of your cat being ill, but one can tell he is in good hands with you and happy your are his family.

  4. Loving on Homey - an adorable picture...a pet is such a delightful comfort! I know you are enjoying your time with him.
    The rabbits are beautiful...especially the chocolate one with the pink ears...so like a card!
    Thanks for sharing Melanie.
    Paper Hugs,

  5. Hi Melanie,
    Hoping your Homey stays perked up, and lives life to his fullest without any suffering. Lots of love!

  6. Sorry to hear about your pet,glad he is feeling better,your bunnies are cute...

  7. So sorry to hear about Homey; He's loved and that's the important thing. It's good that at least now you know what's going on with him too. The bunnies are precious!

  8. Really sorry to hear about Homey.
    All you can do is make sure he is comfortable and give him as much love as you can.
    Your bunnies are super adorable!

  9. Adorable bunnies (-: so sorry to hear about Homey....at least you now know the problem and can spoil him and love him even more....

  10. Aww, Mel, it breaks my heart to hear about Homey. Mine is 15, and every moment I think about her not being with me at some point. I'm glad the medicine is giving him some relief.

    The bunnies look awesome! I want Lilac. That kid has a mischievous look, but is so sweet she'll get away with anything! I hope you have a blessed Easter.


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