Monday, September 1, 2014

Fabulous Frame Fillers Tip Sheet: Part 1

Here are some tips to get you started for the Fabulous Frame Fillers. (Some of you might be receiving your sets as early as tomorrow!) I discovered some of these over the weekend while playing around with my stamps. Experimenting on scratch paper (or cardstock for a bigger commitment) can yield some great things!

Stamp either of the two different filler semicircles for the ovals in a row to make a wide or shallow scallop border.  Use one color to make more continuous looking border, or alternate ink colors.

You can make a straight lace border with the group of three flowers stamped end to end.  You can make the lace go around any curve you wish by stamping it in groups and then filling in with one of the three size individual flowers as needed for the smaller gaps.

The scroll image is very flexible.  Use as drawn, above, or have fun creating a deeper or curve or pushing out ends to be straighter when you place it on the block, as shown below (it is stuck to my Scor-Mat to find desired shape to fit this die.)

Use individual elements to make all sorts of fancy custom borders inside your different shaped die cuts.  Video for this tomorrow! (or you can go peek on Youtube now)

Stamp the belly band fillers in a row to create a negative scallop, like in sample above.

Repeat stamping the plain photo corner in a row to make a chevron or herringbone inspired border or pattern.  Stamp a row in reverse to create a diamond pattern.

Add flowers in clumps around the lace curved border to add a pop of color and make it fancier. 

Color in the open stamped flowers.

Stamp the different flower and leave pieces to make large arrangements inside the oval.  Color.

Stamp one of the ovals vertically, add the bold filler at top and bottom and then fill in center with the different straight borders in different colors to create… a big beautiful Easter egg!

More to come, have some Labor Day celebrating to do!  Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Super cool use of the belly band filler stamp for a boarder!

  2. Absolutely love the Christmas card you made! Can't wait to get my set in the mail so I can start some new cards.

  3. Love all your ideas! Can't wait to get my packages! I ended up placing 3 orders as just had to have everything I saw, but the Frames Filler was in the first order as soon as it was available! I'm going to print off your blog and keep as a reference and for future inspiration. I have a book of GK ideas! Thanks.

  4. Fabulous ideas! Thanks for sharing!


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