Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Triple Play Frame Tip Sheet

Just a few tips for Triple Play Frame to get you started! Several will be demonstrated in videos.  (Some will make more sense seeing it in action!) Refer to photo of the set above when tips describes certain images and combinations. Links have been provided for coordinating sets.

Cut out the middle circles with a 1 1/4" punch or die.  You can cut out the larger circles around that with a 1 1/2" punch or die.

Smaller hearts stamp perfectly into the smaller hearts in the border and nest into the larger hearts in the border leaving a small rim. Add interest to the border by two step stamping them in at random or in a pattern, and alternate coloring in the remaining hearts with different colored markers or pencils. Add highlights to the hearts' humps with a paint, glitter or gel pen.

Turn the frame in 4 different directions for 4 different layouts.

Create custom borders and background stamping the different small images.

Add the small seasonal elements to the middle of the small open circle to make themed stamped "brads" for the frame or other projects to coordinate with your designs.

Stamp the small images like a flower, heart or butterfly to substitute for the O in hope love and joy.

Use the large floral heart and butterfly with coordinating elements in Fabulous Frame Fillers for fancier coordinated designs in the Fabulous Frame or Triple Play Frame frames.

Make a mini landscape or bunch of flowers with the two and three step floral elements: stem (flexible, can be stamped to lean either way), small leaf for the stem, large fern, and three small flower silhouettes as toppers. You can also make them growing inside the circle frames or rooting at the corner or along the largest frame section of as a border. (This is shown in next video!)

Color in the borders for a more layered look. Use all one color for a monochromatic look use different colors for the outer frame, the belly band and the circle rims.  You can even divide up the outer border by using a different color for the left and right side.

Leave borders uncolored for a more subtle, embossed look.  Stamping the border in Versamark or tone on tone will be the most subtle but will still lend structure and design to your card and help in placement of images.

Emboss the frame with a heat gun and embossing powder to add dimension and texture and have the frame stand out.

Cut masks to keep with your set to have different open sections of the frame to stamp into, allowing making custom stamped backgrounds for each section: left side, right on one, inner circle openings on another, and finally inside the belly band.

Use any of the straight borders in Fabulous Frame Fillers and Fabulous Holiday Fillers with your Triple Play Frame masks to create dashed dotted etc borders that will go all the way across the new frame around the belly band or along the middle or bottoms of the largest section.  Or, stamp it across the belly band section when covered with the mask to reveal straight borders on the short sides.

Stamp "brads" or small elements in between the circles as accents.  Words can fit in between the round windows as well when the frame is turned portrait style.

Fill in the belly band and oval end cap in Fabulous Holiday Fillers  with the new brad and button accents in Triple Play Frame.

Fill in the curved and straight border in Fabulous Holiday Fillers with all the new round accents in Triple Pay Frame, like the buttons and seasonal "brads".

Use Fabulous Frame Fillers photo corner images in the Triple Play Frames corners.

All the longer sentiments in the Fabulous Holiday Fillers set work in the largest section of Triple Play Frame, either centered or in the corner.

 The small flower and leafy corner accent in Fabulous Frame Fillers first perfectly into the top and bottom sections of the belly band in between the three circle in Triple Play Frame.

All of the "For My" and relationship words "For my Mom" etc from Fabulous Holiday Fillers will fit in the circles in Triple Play Frame.

No coloring needed for these bold images, but lots of coloring oportunities if you want to add into the patterned details on the heart, butterfly, into the patterned hearts inside the deigned brads, border etc.

Create bodies for the large and small butterfly by stamping in the different smaller accents in the set (or from Fabulous Frame Fillers or Fabulous Holiday Fillers) or add using adhesive pearls or rhinestones.

Sentiments to make with just the words in this set:
have hope
have love
have joy
have faith
have peace
big hugs
big wish
wish big
big faith
big thanks 
big baby (hee!)
baby love

Use the asterisk or brads in between the words to accent and separate them.  Doing this repeatedly makes fun borders along the top or bottom: love*love*love* or  love*joy*peace* etc

Use the & sign in the Fabulous Frame set to pair any of these new words together.

Stamp one of the larger images in light ink, and then stamp one of the words over it in a dark ink like black or brown.

Use a sponge dauber or rock and roll a large circle stamp on a pad and stamp as a background to add one of the larger images or the words into to highlight it.

Use all these images in the many circles in the Fun Year Round Frame and vice versa, use the round images from Fun Year Round inside the Triple Play Frames three circle windows and to stamp into the large and small sections of the new frame.

You can also use the new bold images and words to enhance the graphic elements and letters in Lots of Letters and Lots of Letters 2 sets.

Use the small images to make straight or "up and down" borders by stamping them in a row end to end or small space in between.

Not just for Christmas, a number of different elements can be "hung" from the ornament hanger year round.  Two step stamp in a button or seasonal circle to look like ornaments, or stamp in the large flowers etc.  Anything with round edge works! Stamping them in a row makes a very festive border, alone on a CAS card or hung along one of the frame's inner borders.

So many different options for clean and simple cards with all the seasonal images used on their own, no frame required, no limit to what you can do with a few ink pads and clean white or neutral card base!

And more coming soon!


  1. Thanks for the great tip sheet. I love all the wonderful elements in this set and how they work together with your other sets. Such fun and so many possibilities. Can't wait to see more.

  2. I will print and save this great tip sheet for future reference. Thanks for thinking for us.

  3. Ha ha! I immediately saw "big baby" when I first saw this stamp set. Enjoyed your sharing the laugh! Congrats on a wonderfully conceived design. Your frame sets are standouts.


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