Saturday, July 19, 2008

Catdidit again!(& short CHA Update!)

I didn't make this either! (I was too busy trimming my new stamps for our next release! (with my beloved Tim Holz scissors!!)) Cathy Tidwell sent it to me the other day, surprise!

BAM!! Don't these colors just knock you over and make you say "WOW"! Typically the Bold Bright are too bright for me (with the exception of my beloved Real RED) unless I put them with colors from another family to tone them down, but I am really diggin' it with Yoyo Yellow and Lovely Lilac here! (those are the colors, right, Cathy?) I think it's her layout and terrific coloring though, as well as the way she balanced the amount of each color that made it work. I love how she painted the little shadow to go all the way to the tips of their shaking tails, too cute! And I thought this really tight crisscross pattern she created with her Scor-Pal, resembling a cool snakeskin (without being creepy), is terrific, I've seen and used this crisscross scoring design before, but never scored this close together, it's such a different look!

I also love how she photographed this and "Zack" against a black background, no shadows and the colors really pop!

Have some "Cuddles and Hugs" you want to show me (or cards with my other stamps?) I really want to see them and need help getting my blogrolls updated with all the sightings, please email me or leave links so I don't miss a one, which I'm sure I am right now! For example, I was completely unfamiliar with Suzanne, Sarah, and Theresa's work before this last contest challenge(my other top picks had entered and gotten mentions before), and WOW! what a treat their projects were, and their blogs were just fabulous when I went over there to feast on more! Again, please, please, please participate in my contests (and submit for the next Gina K Designs Guest design Team Call, it's coming up!) if you like my stamps and would be interested in getting more of them FREE! (I have some sets coming out that I have been on pins and needles to release for months and they are going to completely surprise you!!) I know you can do it!!!

I'm writing from Jessica's computer in the hotel room, Gina K is in the shower! (The thing we hear most often yesterday whil walking around? "You're so little!! (to Gina K) She is just as delightful as you would imagine.) We are getting ready for our second day at CHA! The highlights as you can imagine have been hanging out with two of them, but also a cupcake reception last night for Splitcoast where I get my picture taken with a bazillion Dirty Dozen Alumni and other "names you know", followed by a pizza and wine tasting party inside the cutest little mom & pop stamp store(afterhours!) that Kim from My Favorite Things graicously invited us to(they carry her stamp line) Then of couse we were up til thewe hours tlkign stamps, it was like a good old fashiond slumber pty minus the popcorn! With most of the intros out of the way now, today I am on a MISSION to get lots of pics of new product to share with you!! Will be back with lots of pics once I can get everything uploaed! Please pray for my feet that hey don't give out before I hit every booth and come back with the goods LOL!

Have a great day!


  1. Cathy's card is awesome! Hope you have fun at CHA!

    If you meet Catherine and Kerry from Scrapbook and Cards today... say hi from Ally!

  2. Well, talk about a shock when I came to your site, hahaha! I looked, thought I had gone to my own blog and it had like rolled back a few entries for some reason, lmao. And yes, those are the colors used. Remember? I said I had to make them bright in cheery to get over my fear of snakes, and yours are too cute to be scared of I found out, lol!

    Cant wait to hear about and see so many wonderful things!

  3. Wow!!! I'll say she totally ROCKED those bright colors!!!!!

    Oh do make sure to get to EVERY booth and meet EVERY person and buy EVERY new fun toy and/or product and enjoy EVERY single moment!!!!! I'm so glad you're having's nice to not have to be a "grown up" all the time, isn't it??!!!! LOL

  4. Oh, thanks so much for mentioning me on your blog--I really appreciate it. Also, thanks for all the nice comments you left on my blog--I am honored that you took the time to visit. Hope you're having fun at CHA (I envy you cuz' I wanna be there too). Can't wait to see your new stamps--I'm sure I'll love 'em!

    Suzanne Dean


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