Sunday, July 13, 2008


Thank you everyone who left some advice or encouraging words about William's nose! I am happy to report he has gone almost 4 weeks without incident!! I'm praying it was just a passing phase(over a 5 week period), but we'll see... should it happen again, I believe we will make a trip to the doctor rather than me getting it out myself if only to impress upon him how serious and unpleasant it is/could BE if he keeps it up(that's what I'd had in mind and several of you suggesting it as well, made me think that was a really good idea!!! When I'd talked with his pediatrician before, she'd told me it would smell terrible if there was anything still inside(again, as many of you mentioned) and fortunately we never had that happen which is why we never went to the doc. Unfortunately, his interest seems to have shifted to some different body parts, but we're dealing with it LOL!
Hope you're enjoying your summer! Above is "the W"* enjoying a quarter of the cutest little "Personal Watermelons" I found at the store the other day, $2.99 and seedless (smaller than the regular seedless ones you see that are basketball sized, these are like a big cantaloupe, so easy to cut up and none going to waste, thumbs up!) I call this pic "Williamelon" hee hee!!
I'm in the middle typing up a post for a really cool trifold, it has about a billion pics to upload, sigh!!! I'm working on it, shouldn't be too much longer!
*Good thing for me it looks artsy to have your subject off center, William can rarely be caught in the middle of the frame, he's off like a flash and we're lucky if we catch a tiny sliver of him!!!


  1. Hurray William for possibly overcoming your nose phase! LOL!

    GREAT picture, Mel!

  2. Other body parts eh? The best part when we brought our youngest home from the hospital (last one was a boy); the girls could not WAIT to see his "peanut". **SPEW** STILL makes me laugh! Yep; I showed it to them the first time I changed him! The interest lasted about 2 seconds till they saw where his umbilical cord was. LOL

    Good luck!!

  3. Ohhh.........boys.......boys......boys!!! They are constantly and forever a bundle of energy and, well, just about everything else too!!! LOL Gotta love that "Williamelon".....too cute!!


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