Thursday, July 10, 2008

MY Guest Designer,Week 3: Chocolate Flamingos!

(I'll be back with the post I meant to add about my contest earlier, sorry for the delay, I will just say "what a day!". and leave it at that! KIDS! UGH!! (Sorry, I couldn't just leave it!)

Ahem!! If you check my blog regularly, you might be tired of reading "I've been meaning to make...(fill in the blank) LOL! But since brown and pink is one of my fave all time color combos, I really have been meaning to dip these birds in chocolate!! Thanks, Jessie for beating me to it!

When I opened her attachment, I had to know, (because you'd want to know also), just what this yummy DP is and where she found it! Here is her repsonse: "3bugsinarug and it is part of their Coco line. I wish I could find it somewhere, but no one seems to sell it any more, but I am still looking. They still have it at the 3bugs site, but only available to wholesalers."*

I just LOVE flowers with stripes. Just like she did here, I almost always put the flower DP on top of the card and the stripes going vertically to look like flowers on stems, ya know? I also like how her thicker scalloped rectangles and thinner mats for the base match the different widths of the stripes, really sharp! AND you know the ribbons, brads, and clip, of course!! (did you see I bought some honking white brads???)

Once again, she's surprising me with another sample this week on her blog, so let's go give it a look-see together, shall we?? :)

*In the meantime, may I suggest trying out the new Basic Gray 6x6 pads Gina K is selling??(or did you already throw them all in your cart last week?) Here's some info I found for the pads that I thought might be helpful :)

There are 36 sheets in each pack, 2 sheets of each of 18 different prints (not just the ones you see on the front of the package!) I'll also be back with a list of Bazill olors each coordinates with( I don't have Bazill, but I can find some good matches with my SU! and DCVW textured CS)

I'd love to hear what YOUR favorite pack is so far of the 7 offerings, lemme know! ('m really digging the Cupcake, Two Scoops, Euphoria , Sultry, etc!! guess I didn't narrow it down much, did I?)


  1. SWEET card Jessie, loooove it!
    My fave of the paper so far is Euphoria, even though it's not in my hands yet! I expect it any day:D

  2. ooohhhh, what an adorable card! I too love pink and brown together! I think my favorite paper so far is Sultry. Although Euphoria is a close second! I think it's amazing that they keep coming out with these gorgeous papers, surprising us, enticing us with each new release!

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Jessie's card is amazing! I have to add her blog to my favorites. I have a few of the basic grey pads (I wish I had them all), & right now my favorite is probably 'sugared' but it's so hard to pick just one!

  4. Ohhh.........YESSSSSSS!!! Pink and Brown, Pink and Brown, Pink and Brown!!!! AwwwwwwweSOME!!!! Okay.........yes, I ADORE Basic Grey......Two Scoops and Sultry are my faves at the moment.....but I love them all!!!!!!!!

  5. I LOVE this! yes, signature Jessie-style all over.
    I have Cupcake, Two Scoops & Sultry and love them! I think Sugared is next on my list pink & brown rocks

  6. Pick a favorite?! Are you kidding? I have loved Basic Grey ever since I found them about 5 years ago (I'm guessing on how long ago). I have yet to get the Euphoria pack which is on my MUST HAVE list. I am kind of on a stamp diet right now since I've been very BAD this year. I must say that for masculine cards I love Boxer. For cutesy cards I love Mellow and Sugared. For floral cards I love gypsy. Oh forget it! I could go on and on. I love them ALL! LOL
    I love pink and brown, too! Cute card!

  7. I have loved the Two Scoops for awhile but now Euphoria is my next must buy. This card is adorable Jessie!!!

  8. what an awesome card!


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