Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm So Lucky!

I didn't make this. The lovely and talented Joanne Basile did, and sent it to ME!* I am so delighted and honored to have this adorable "paper hug" in my home where I can look at it/touch it anytime I want, and I didn't have to make anything for today's post, hip hip hurray! :D (Wish I'd gotten better pics of it, sorry, these tied cards can be tricky)
I love how the simplicity of her layout and the monochromatic color scheme, you really focus on the image this way. I tell ya, she really does a card up right, the inside AND BACK look just as good as the front, the craftsmanship and "card-receiving experience" just goes on and on, LOL!
Here's the inside (after I untied the bow, which is always as fun as untying the ribbon to a big fancy giftbox) she added more DP to add a new unexpected POP of color, surprise! (It makes me think of garments that are finished on the inside with some gorgeous patterned fabric in contrasting color, that the only wearer sees, I LOVE that!) Then she added this large scalloped layer to the back, just because!! It adds such luxury and polish!

I've been so busy using my Papertrey White, I haven't used a vanilla CS in forever and I'd forgotten how rich an ivory looks with brown, although I used to almost always use vanilla instead of white when working with my Earth Elements, which are actually my favorite color family. (They added Ivory right after my last CS order for white) I'm not sure about the source for her DP... Joanne, help? She also used a shimmery vanilla (not sure who makes that either)for the cats, it looks so purrrrty ;) Now I need to go get some SU! 5/8" vanilla grosgrain, too, I'm totally inspired...

She ALSO enclosed THREE Fabriano cards and envelopes for me to play with! These will be my first time to try them out. I'm going to save them for now, because I know the perfect set coming up I want to use them for! (wink!) :) Thank you, Joanne!!

Check back to see the other gorgeous card she made with "Cuddles and Hugs", another delicious "chocolate confection"!

PS She even sewed on it (when someone sews on your card, it means they love you, it really does)
*It was for a secret swap she was hosting in the Gina K forum. If you like swaps, or have never done one before but been curious, you should definitely check them out, she has a few different ones running every month, and she always gives them some kind of fun twist! Sometimes you'll end up with a bunch of different cards, you might be paired up with a secret sis, or instead of cards receive lots of cardmaking bling (a "swapless" swap) We're cooking up a little something this next month which I'll be helping her promote, hope you'll come play, check back soon for more info! :)


  1. so glad you liked it! it was really fun to make for you! The scalloping on the back actually was to cover up the backside of the stitching. ;-)

    Can't wait to see what you do with those fabrianos. I know you're going to LOVEEE them.

    Have a great day my friend!

  2. GORGEOUS card!!! Love this! What wonderful happy mail! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  3. Oh that is soooo purrrrrrrty indeedy!!! Adorably "cuddly" too!!! LOL

  4. Loving my sets Melanie....
    Big hugs, Ally.


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