Sunday, February 8, 2009

Birthday Blowout (double meaning)

Thank you everyone for the birthday well wishes for William! (his actual birthday is Wednesday) Here we are in one of the only pics I got the boys smiling: decorating the cake BEFORE the party! It was a Scooby Doo theme (William's fave of the moment) so we piled on the Scooby Snacks, piped on a sentiment and plunked our Scooby poseable slip-slide fashion in the cookies! TIP: buy a plain cake from Sam's or Costco and decorate with your own (washed!) toys and favorite candies or snacks, your kids will really dig it!!

Although our guests claimed to have had a great time, both my boys suffered some casualties about five minutes into the celebration: William high-sticked Jonathan in the eye during mini-golf, and William wiped out running on some black top and took out both knees and an elbow, it was very bloody! (boooo!) Fortunately, Jonathan recovered after about 20 minutes of packed ice but William never quite rebounded, there were a lot of tears shed the rest of the afternoon.
:( Oh well! We did survive and he is happy now with his gifts. Just had to share!

(Still not done with those tutorials, but soon, I promise! (for new samples in the meantime, go check out a few I made "pre-party" in my Splitcoast gallery!)


  1. oh the poor little guys so sorry they had mishaps and at the party to boot LOL Hope they are better now

  2. Awww isn't it always the way with kids. (Especially boys). Fantastic picture though! Bless.
    Viv xx

  3. Oh wow, that is a blow out. I hope both boys heal quickly. Your cake is very cool. I used to watch Scooby Doo a lot when I was younger. And the tip about decorating your own cakes is a great one.

  4. Ohhhh those lil guys sure give us a run for the money, don't they??!!! Hope they really did have a fun time!!! Happy sweet 4th b-day to the lil guy!!!

  5. oh man, that stinks!! what memories, huh? I'm glad you got this great picture, what a fun cake - Happy Birthday, William!!

  6. What a great cake! I didn't know you could get scooby snacks! I hope everyone's feeling better today. Boys will be boys, I guess you always need ice & bandaids on hand!

  7. Happy Birthday to William. Having 4 kids (3 are boys), I know all too well how easily they can crash into each other and then many tears are shed. I think that being so excited about having a birthday party contributes to the situation and causes some of the anxiety when something bad does happen.

    Glad everyone is OK and so glad that William is enjoying his birthday gifts. Thanks for sharing your cute little guys!

  8. Boo for booboos. Sorry we missed it. B had a fever all night, so I didn't make it to work today.

    Love the owl card by the way.

  9. Sounds like fun! Happy Birthday William!


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