Friday, February 27, 2009

StampTV Stuff!!

Did you know you have an entire week to play the challenges on StampTV, wow, that's a lot of chances to win free stamps! So no excuses not to enter (except "I had so long I forgot!" LOL!) My lucky friend Charmaine Ikach won the very first Stamp TV challenge, congrats Charmaine! We've already had technique challenges, a color challenge, sketch challenge and yesterdays' potluck... ;) Don't think you'll be able to do them this week? We've got another round of 'em next week for you!

If you haven't yet joined StampTV, please do so today, it is SO exciting to see the community grow (already over 2000 members!), and I want to be sure you're all on "my friends" list, then we can stay in touch even more easily :) (just click on my pic and add me as a friend!) While you're there, have fun customizing your own page by adding a picture, start building your own gallery with your favorite projects, change the settings to make the page look they you want it, and add your friends to create your own little network.

Also, when you are uploading pics of your projects to the gallery, you can include as much or as little in your description as you want/have time for, but if you can please put the first name of the artist, like "Melanie" or Rupa" as a keyword, and/or the name of the set with no spaces, "bestfishes", haveacookie" etc. This helps us sort them into the proper albums so you get lots more views and we don't miss your wonderful work! I have albums set up for my sets already, with all the animals going in one since they are so interchangeable, tees, sweats and Tee Talk in another, tins sets together of course!, etc Thanks in advance for your help with this! :)


  1. Thank you for all your help You makes thing more understandable .I entered the first contest I dont think I have time for yours whenis it do I would love to win some stamp sets ,I love your hand one cant wait to get it , Sarah

  2. Mel, you are at it again, girl! What a magnify way to keep us all in the crafting with creativity groove. Mojo missing a cylinder? Head over to Mel's place! Thanks again, Mel. We're making a browse stop today.


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