Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Little Dipper

Just had to share a pic of little William making some hand-dipped creations for Valentine's Day this past weekend (as he counts them out: "e-LEV-en, TWEEEELVE,..."!) Boy, was I disappointed to find my camera needed recharging when I wanted to get a pic of him post-chocolate covered LOL! ("The best things in life are covered in chocolate!"*) I could have waited, but it was really a situation where he needed to get washed up ASAP!) We still had a bunch of chocolate left over after all the strawberries were done, so we ended up going through the fridge and pantry to see what else we could dip! bananas, graham crackers, Rice Krispie treats, ...YUM!! The chocolate is great for this project, "Ambrosia" brand, you can quickly melt the blocks in the microwave and it hardens up soon after dipping. He did a nice job, we will definitely pull this trick out more often than Valentine's Day to get them to eat their fruit!!

Hope you had a great Valentine's weekend with all your sweeties! I've really been enjoying all your guesses over at Gina K's today, out of 400 something repsonses, there are a couple that are close LOL! can't wait for you to learn more tomorrow! :)

* we have a few blocks left, now that the camera's ready to go, I may just have to let him have another go at it! ;)


  1. That is so cute that he was dipping strawberries. You're right, that's a great way to make fruit a real treat.

  2. Isn't that just the most precious memory you can have. My daughters are 18 and 19 and it's pics like this that bring tears to my eyes and remind me of how lucky we (my DN and I) are to have our daughters (one at Ohio State U and one picking her college for this coming fall) and what wonderful girls they were, are and have become. Thanks for sharing your 'now memory' and bring my 'memories' back to enjoy! Barb W

  3. What a little Cutie!

    Hmmmmmmmm you are making me crave those!

  4. Cute pic! TFS! What a yummy way to eat fruit.

  5. Awww........how precious!! And yum, now I'm craving those strawberries!!!

  6. Just the cutest! Treasure these momemts...


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